Popeyes Chicken is coming to New Zealand so you can finally dine like Beyoncé
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Popeyes Chicken is coming to New Zealand so you can finally dine like Beyoncé

it's about friggin time

Guys, in like two months we'll be able to eat the same fried chicken that was served at Beyoncé's wedding. 

Popeyes and their viral chicken sandwich will be opening up in Takanini, Auckland come April, with plans to get 10 more up and running by the end of 2024, 1News reports. 

If you didn’t know, they specialise in Louisiana-style fried chicken, which means they marinate their chicken in a mixture of spices and seasonings for 12 hours (and they love their cajun). Popeyes also serve biscuits (which are more like scones than cookies), mac and cheese and seafood, but it’s currently unknown how much of their US menu will carry over to the NZ one. 

In 2019, their Chicken Sandwich went extremely viral because it was apparently so, so so good. All it contains is fried chicken, pickles and mayonnaise or spicy Cajun spread between brioche buns. 

Sharn Phillips, Popeyes New Zealand’s Head of Marketing, says it will be available once they open up here. 

“The Chicken Sandwich that broke the internet will finally be ready for Kiwis to try themselves. Our vision is to bring the heart and soul of our world-renowned recipes to Kiwis, through passionate teams and tasty food.”

James Mclauchlan, Popeyes New Zealand’s General Manager, says construction of the Takanini spot is well underway, they’re looking to hire some staff, and they just can’t wait to open up. 

I will 100% be trying it out because I can’t get enough of chicken burgers (who knows why they call it a sandwich?). However, they do have their work cut out for them as Maccas just added adult happy meals to the menu and people cannot get enough of them. 

Kiwis can't get enough of KFC, so Popeyes will have to come out HOT if they want to take the fried chicken crown.