Lewis Road's new choccy milk flavour has left me feeling UNEASY
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Lewis Road's new choccy milk flavour has left me feeling UNEASY

The scream I just scrumpt!

Pineapple chocolate milk is now a thing in NZ, and I’m seriously unsure of how to feel about it.

Lewis Road Creamery has been teasing us with cryptic pics of the choccy milk bottle with a yellow lid, driving hype and speculation over what the new flavour might be.

We could already rule out banana being the new addition because they added a Banoffee flav to their lineup back in 2021.

Some suggested it could be cheese or corn, which thankfully, it was not. But was PINEAPPLE really much better?

Before you jump down my throat, I am a passionate hater of pineapple on pizza, so I have already been let down by the tropical fruit on many occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED every flav Lewis Road has created so far, but I think there’s going to have to be some extra convincing to get me on board this mash-up.

I just can’t imagine the tangy fruit mixed with milk… it just seems wrong.

Not everyone will agree with me; in fact, loads have already commented hyping up the new choccy milk.

One fan wrote: “Omg amazing! Pineapple is the best 💛”

“This is gooooood,” said another.

While a third screamed: “CANT WAIT to try this! 🙌🏼.”

But the people I want to keep onside are the ones like this person who wrote: “Nooo!!!”

This isn’t the only fave Kiwi treat that’s gotten a pineapple makeover.

I was hesitant when these rocked up to the office but was pleasantly surprised at the combo.

Although one Edgie who gave them a try thought they tasted more like bananas, so maybe our taste buds are twisted.

I guess I’ll have to give this pineapple choccy milk a try and get back to you with my final decision.