A multi-million dollar immersive maze has opened in AKL and I need to be in that candy room now
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What's Good

A multi-million dollar immersive maze has opened in AKL and I need to be in that candy room now

legit blockbuster Hollywood set designers helped them out!!!

One of the most unique interactive entertainment spaces in New Zealand has come out of a tough time looking HOT!

When the Auckland floods hit last year, the Odyssey Sensory Maze had to shut down due to water damage. Rather than moping about, they decided to come back new and improved investing millions of dollars and enjoying the help of legit Hollywood set designers who worked on the most expensive TV show of all time (Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' series). 

The new and improved version has 19 rooms including the inside of an Egyptian pyramid, an interactive spaceship, a sound jungle and so many more crazy cool things. 

It also gets spooky as there is a ‘Doom Room’ specifically designed to scare you. On the other hand, you can test your IQ in the ‘Brain Cell’ room. 

There are also multiple Kiwiana-inspired spaces, such as a glow-worm cave, an NZ forest and a Kiwi candy room. 


A team of 80 re-designed the place, and a fair few of those people are the best in the business at building awesome-looking environments. The set design team for a blockbuster Hollywood movie being shot in NZ helped out after their (mysteriously unnamed) film's production got postponed. 

“They were given almost complete autonomy to create a series of rooms that have phenomenal attention to detail and realism - the result was beyond what we could have ever hoped for,” said Odyssey co-founder David Parker-Smith. 

“Odyssey is a true sensory journey. While trying to find your way out you will experience darker challenging spaces and quirky obstacle illusions, crazy lighting effects, scents, weird sounds and strange sensations that will leave you with an experience that you will never forget!”

Honestly, pumped for the new and improved Odyssey Maze, it looks like a wildly fun time.