'MAFS' AU' fans are losing it over bride Lauren Dunn's outrageous X-rated wedding day comments
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'MAFS' AU' fans are losing it over bride Lauren Dunn's outrageous X-rated wedding day comments

We're lowkey here for the chaos!

Married at First Sight Australia 2024 fans are torn over bride Lauren Dunn after her out-the-gate comments during her and Jonathan McCullogh’s wedding reception. 

From sleeping in and popping the champers early, writing her vows whilst drunk to asking about foursomes, the PR consultant did not hold back from showing her outrageous antics.

And while it may seem a bit much, we’re lowkey here for what she has to say. 


 "When I'm not elbow-deep in a junior whopper with cheese or hanging out the back with a bottle of shiraz, I'm spontaneous, fun and loyal." 

Look, they may not be the most romantic vows, but the intention is giving: ‘There will never be a boring moment when we’re together.” And for that, we STAN.

"I'm not putting my tongue in ya mouth because my mouth is so dry."

Refusing to kiss her new hubby did NOT last long. The pair were all over each other during the reception. It had me asking PD-Are they gonna stop?!

“I’m covered in bruises. I went buck wild in Bali a week before here.”

A party girl does what a party girl will. Lauren admitted to being “pissed every night” and falling off scooters. A perfect icebreaker with your new sis-in-law don’t ya think?

“Jesus and cleavage.”

Never thought we’d hear those two in a sentence together, but here we are…

As if “buck wild in Bali” was a bold comment to make, telling your new sister that she has a “gorgeous set of tits” is pretty out the gate.

“My special dish is veal schnitzel. Sounds simple, but wait till you try it. It's better than a blow job."

Like the groomsmen said: “That’s a big call.” The more meat chat there was the more I realised just how unhinged this bride will be. 

"We're talking about foursomes with people's sisters, so f**k you guys!"

Lauren seemed unphased by her new man revealing he and his groomsmen dated sisters in their younger years. "Did you have a foursome?" wouldn’t have been my first thought, but stay curious sis.

“It’s like I’ve woken up from a one-night stand…”

OH NO! That is quite possibly the most concerning comment to come from the morning after the wedding. With all the champers worn off, reality has sunk in for our gal. 

With the first dinner party of the season kicking off tonight, we’re sure there will be more where that came from. Lauren is definitely going to cause a ruckus - watch this space!