WATCH: Sara Mesa's extreme reaction to Tim Calwell in biggest yelling match of MAFS AU so far
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WATCH: Sara Mesa's extreme reaction to Tim Calwell in biggest yelling match of MAFS AU so far

“Imagine how Sara would react if Tim kept cancelling their dates..."

Last night’s second MAFS AU 2024 dinner party left a bitter taste in fans' mouths after Sara Mesa and her on-screen hubby Tim Calwell got into what might just be the biggest screaming match of the season.

Things got tense as Tim opened up to the group about feeling “let down” that Sara had cancelled on not one, not two, but THREE of the dates he had planned. 

So, we can’t blame Tim for wanting to get the group's opinion on the situation… even if it did turn into a bit of a yelling match between the newlyweds. 

Sara ended up walking out of the dinner party crying a bucket of tears, shouting: “Don’t you ever f***ing yell at me!” 

What do they say? Something about a pot and a kettle… yeah, I’ll leave it there.

Since the explosive dinner party aired, fans have been sharing their heated opinions on the couple's troubles.

“Acting like the victim even though she raised her voice and swore too,” one fan wrote to X (formerly Twitter).

Another called out the hypocrisy: ”Sara: ‘Never yell in my face again’…. While yelling in Tim’s face.”

A third called out Sara’s extreme reaction to not wanting to go on a date with her hubby, comparing it to giving a literal organ away.

“Imagine how Sara would react if Tim kept going out with his mates and cancelling their dates,” pointed out a fourth.

While a fifth questioned why she even chose to participate in the experiment. 

Sara has since revealed why she cancelled on all three dates, telling 9Now: “The first time was a week after the honeymoon and when it came around I was like, 'You know what? We're going to spend the next three months together, let's just have some space."

When it came to the second date, her excuse? She was simply "exhausted".

"The third, I actually felt bad because I had gone out and partied a bit too hard the night before and I knew I wasn't feeling like my best self,” she said. "I obviously didn't mean to make him feel sh--ty. I never want to make him feel like that.”

So, will she make it up to Tim? I guess we’ll find out after tonight’s commitment ceremony.