Artist shares the custom embroidery Taylor Swift's mate ordered for her and it did NOT age well
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Artist shares the custom embroidery Taylor Swift's mate ordered for her and it did NOT age well

"I feel like she has already burned this 😂”

A few years ago, Emily June (@iamemilyjune) received a request on Etsy to create a custom piece that "turned out to be the biggest celebrity in the world".

At the time, she thought it was just a keen Swiftie wanting a Taylor-inspired piece, but as she looked closer at the reference pics, she wondered how a fan could get their hands on such personal snaps.

The embroidery was inspired by a portrait of Taylor, her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and three cats - Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button.

Emily explained: “I did some research on the person asking and… yes, they definitely knew this celebrity.”

What made it seem even more suss was that the person requesting the piece asked for Emily not to share the portrait publically. 

“I didn’t have to sign an NDA, but they did ask I did not share the portrait to social media to respect their relationship’s privacy," she said.

Obvs, Emily wouldn’t want to piss off the T-swiz, so she never shared it. But with that relationship totally in the past, she feels confident that she can now share ‘the best portrait she’s ever made’.

I mean, with Taylor and Travis Kelce’s new relo thriving, it’s safe to say that Tay and Jo are never getting back together.

“I never shared… but now… with the official announcement of Taylor Swift’s breakup album I feel like I can share this and say - this portrait did NOT age well and I feel like she has already burned this 😂,” Emily joked.

ICYMI - Taylor announced her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department' during her acceptance speech for her 13th Grammy - Best Pop Vocal Album.

The 16-track project will be released on April 19th with a bonus track titled 'The Manuscript'.

As for Emily, she’d love to stitch an updated piece of Taylor, suggesting a feature colour of her new relationship - red, duh!

“Red for the Chief that stole the heart of the Red Queen??,” she suggested to represent Tayvis’ relo.

In the comments of her viral video, Emily said she'd been sitting on that secret for FOUR YEARS. What a queen. We hope she gets to make another one!