A new male contraceptive is being compared to an IUD and me and the rest of the gals are HEATED
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A new male contraceptive is being compared to an IUD and me and the rest of the gals are HEATED

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Another birth control option for men might be hitting the scene, but it’s left the gals feeling hot-headed.

US company Contraline is working on producing ADAM, the world’s first male implant contraception - and it’s being compared to the intrauterine device (IUD).

According to Contraline, ADAM works by injecting a non-hormonal hydrogel into the vas deferens - the pair of tubes that transport sperm - to block those little swimmers without messing with the feels or the grand finale of, you know, ejaculation.

SOURCE: Contraline.com

Great, right? I mean, the first female IUD got the green light in 1968, so 56 years later it’s about time we females got the chance to catch a break.

But as @thenewsmovement explains, what’s really got the girlies worked up is that ADAM is said to be available under local or general anesthetic. Now, that's sounds like a dream for the 10,000 Kiwi women each year who've endured the IUD insertion with nada in the pain relief department.

Remember being told to pop a couple of Panadol beforehand? Well, let me tell you, no amount of Panadol can prepare you for that so-called 'pinch.' A study even found that 78% of women felt 'moderate to severe' pain during IUD insertion.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great the option for a pain-free contraceptive procedure is becoming easily accessible for men, but where has this been for the women who have gone decades without?

One user commented on Insta: “It’s nice medical technology is advancing but women should have had anesthesia way before this had come out.”

“Having had an IUD insertion, it’s the equivalent to a nipple piercing, but with added period cramps for hours after. It’s literally like getting your cervix pierced. It’s mind-blowing there’s no pain relief,” another shared from their experience.

Of course, everyone is different and some people find the procedure to be a breeze. So, if it is something that you are considering, make sure to chat with a professional that it’s right for you. 

And, while we don’t know how popular ADAM will be,  the guys at Edge HQ said they're keen on it so long as anesthetics are involved. I guess that goes to show the difference a little (or a lot) of pain relief can do, huh?