'WTF IS LALA UP TO!?': 10 Thoughts I had watching the first ep of Vanderpump Rules season 11
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'WTF IS LALA UP TO!?': 10 Thoughts I had watching the first ep of Vanderpump Rules season 11

How was Tom Sandoval allowed in to NZ?

Warning: This article contains S11E01 spoilers!

If you knew how much I’ve always wanted to write a review of Vanderpump Rules, you’d know my hands are so excited to be typing this - well my fingers… imagine if I typed with the palm of my hands? Hahaha. 

If you’ve never watched Vanderpump Rules, I would recommend starting from season one because it’s the best bloody reality show EVER, but if you haven’t got the time, you can totally jump into season 11 on Hayu and understand what’s happening. 

So where did we leave off? At the end of season 10, Tom Sandoval was found out for cheating on his partner of 10 years Ariana Maddix with her best friend Rachel 'Raquel' Leviss who used to be engaged to fellow cast mate James Kennedy. 

If you don't see what the big fuss is about, just imagine if Chandler had cheated on Monica with Rachel on 'Friends'. Then you’ll understand the worldwide RAGE that 'Scandoval' caused. 

Now the gang is back on our screens, bringing all their dysfunction and high-end baggage with them. 

Here are 10 thoughts from a VPR superfan watching ep 1 of the new season: 

  1. Dayum, These people have come A LONG way from the days when they were bussing tables at SUR. They are no longer working for tips and are making bank.

  2. How was Tom Sandoval allowed to come into New Zealand? GO HOME TOMMMMM!

  3. Tom Schwartz is like a dumb labrador who just doesn’t get it and hasn’t really faced consequences for his role in all the drama.

  4. James’s description of a scented candle as smelling like ‘citrus pussy’ is GOLD and he will always have the best one liners. 


  6. I love Lala, but she is defo playing this season well. Questionable, but well in the sense that she’s getting on the right side of fans who have any sympathy for Rachel straight from the jump.

  7. Tom Sandoval is so cringe, why has nobody told him that his band is not good…?

  8. 'Schwartz and Sandys' is and always will be the WORST name for a bar. 

  9. Katie is friendship goals and so is Schena, but I feel like Schena could flip-flop, whereas Katie is ride or die for her friends. 

  10. This season is going to be OUT THE GATE, if you haven’t got on the VPR train yet, then get your ticket, jump on board and thank me later.