Billboard has ranked the best songs of 2024 so far and people are HEATED about the top 10

Billboard has ranked the best songs of 2024 so far and people are HEATED about the top 10

Someone is MISSING

Billboard is copping backlash from music lovers (and one fanbase in particular) after releasing their 'Best Songs of 2024 (So Far)' list. 

The iconic music mag ranked 50 songs from "reliable A-listers", "brand new pop superstars" and "streaming success stories in the making", but not everyone is happy with their choices. 

Arianators, the Beyhive, Billie Eilish stans and more came out in force to share their outrage with the rankings, but in a surprise to absolutely no one, the Swifties were the loudest. 

Despite her 'TTPD' double album drop this year, none of Taylor Swift's latest releases made the top 10, with her song 'Fortnight' ironically taking the number 14 spot. 

"Notice how Taylor didn't make the top ten," one Swiftie wrote on X. "Million Dollar Baby? over Fortnight? talent loss," said another. 

"So they just put Fortnight (the actual best song) at 14th for comedic reasons or what?" wrote a third. 

The top 10 tracks on Billboard's 'Best Songs of 2024 (So Far) list are: 

10. Tinashe - 'Nasty' 

9. Future, Metro Boomin & Kendrick Lamar - 'Like That' 

8. Tommy Richman - 'Million Dollar Baby' 

7. Ariana Grande - 'We Can't Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)' 

6. Shaboozey - 'A Bar Song (Tipsy) 

5. Billie Eilish - 'Lunch' 

4. Beyonce - 'Texas Hold 'Em' 

3. Chappell Roan - 'Good Luck, Babe!' 

2. Kendrick Lamar - 'Not Like Us' 

1. Sabrina Carpenter - 'Espresso' 

Regardless of your personal preferences, you gotta hand it to them, we have all been singing 'I'm working laaaate' or 'I've been a nasty gurl' or 'this ain't Texas' or 'do you know how to bend?' on REPEAT at some point this year. These songs are all CATCHY. 

But you just can't please everyone. One person reckoned the "entire list" was "discredited" due to 'Texas Hold 'Em' being at number four, while another insisted 'We Can't Be Friends' should rank higher than 'Lunch'. 

Something tells me Beyonce, Billie, Ariana and Taylor all probably aren't too bothered about their rankings on this list, considering the massive success they're all continuing to enjoy. 

For upcoming artists like Chappell Roan and pop's current golden girl Sabrina Carpenter, though - I bet it means the world.