Be the first at work to use this year's annual leave hack and triple your days off in 2024
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What's Good

Be the first at work to use this year's annual leave hack and triple your days off in 2024

Sneakily suss yourself 24 days off from six public holidays.

'Slay' may be left in 2023, but work isn't. 

Lucky for you, New Zealand has heaps of public holidays in the first half of the year, and you can make the most of those days off by strategically using your annual leave days. 

1. Waitangi Day - Tuesday, February 6

Kiwis’ first day off in 2024 is Waitangi Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year. If you take Monday, February 5 off, you’re eyeing up a nice 4-day weekend. 

NOTE: There are a few regional anniversaries before Waitangi Day. Wellington's Anniversary is Monday, February 22 while Nelson and Auckland share the 29th as their anniversary. 

These are public holidays only for people living in the specific region, not nationwide. 

2. Easter Weekend - Friday, March 29 - Monday, April 1

If you really want to treat yourself, you can use four days of annual leave on either side of Easter weekend and have an eight-day long break. Or, keep a bit of leave in the pocket by taking either Thursday, March 28 or Tuesday, April 2 off - you’ll still have a breezy five-day weekend. 

NOTE: Southlanders have their anniversary on Tuesday, April 2, so if you want a nine-dayer, maybe just take the last week of March off. 

3. Anzac Day - Thursday, April 25

Anzac Day falls on a Thursday this year which means another four-day weekend is as easy as taking Friday, April 26 off.  

4. King’s Birthday - Monday, June 3

Back when Queen Lizzy was on the throne, we had a day off to celebrate her birth even though it wasn’t her birthday and the same goes for King Charles. Don't question it, just score a four-day weekend by using annual leave on either Friday, May 31 or Tuesday, June 4. 

5. Matariki - Friday, June 28

The last public holiday of the first half of the year is Matariki. It falls on a Friday, so you know the drill by this point: Either take Thursday, June 27 or Monday, July 1 off for an extra long weekend. 

Or, just use four days of leave and take the whole week off #whynot?

After Matariki, the only other public holiday is Labour Day on Monday, October 28, so you may wanna save some leave to get more vacation time in the second half of the year. 

In total, that's six days of public holidays turned into 24 days of long weekends. Get booking that annual leave before your coworkers and get ready to sleep in.