Pornhub reveal New Zealand region’s most popular search terms for 2023
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Pornhub shares New Zealand’s most popular searches of 2023 by region and oh my word Taranaki?!

and you too Auckland!

DISCLAIMER - This article is only for those who are 18+. If you're not old enough to be on Pornhub, you're not old enough to read this. There is also some very explicit language ahead.

Us Kiwis are into some freaky, freaky stuff apparently. 

Pornhub and LADbible teamed up to spill the beans on the freaky search terms that New Zealanders most commonly looked up on the x-rated website in 2023 - they pulled data from NZ as a whole, as well as breaking it down into regions. 

First up, Pornhub’s statisticians looked into the regions, where they unearthed the most popular relative search terms compared to other areas of the country, and the results are, uh, interesting. 

Aucklanders were into “cheating husband” videos, while Manawatu-Wanganui was searching for “real farm girls,” whereas those in Tasman were into “jiggly tits.” I’ll let you read the rest on the graph below because it feels really weird to be typing into an article while I sit next to my colleagues. 

Next up, were the categories that Kiwis as a whole were most interested in… Ya know what, I’ll just let you look at the graph below again.

Pornhub then delved into the proportional differences in category searches compared to the rest of the world. “Public” was 111% more popular in NZ than the rest of the world, while “Daddy” was 76% more popular. Check out the rest below.

They then delved more specifically into the search terms that were more commonly searched in NZ than in the rest of the world… Apparently, Kiwis are into the “sneaky” stuff, as seen on the graph below, amongst a lot of other things.

And finally, the statisticians pulled the data for regional favourites - the graph below shows the proportional difference in popularity compared to the rest of New Zealand. 

So yeah... you're welcome for that, I guess.