Hobbiton Hobbit Holes Tour
Come for a tour through the new Hobbiton Hobbit Holes with us
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You can now go INSIDE the hobbit holes at Hobbiton and we got a VIP sneak peek

hot girls are going to Hobbiton this summer

It's Hot Hobbiton Girl Summer ladiessss because one of NZ's best tourist attractions has just added a whole new experience - and you don't have to be a huge LOTR geek or visiting from overseas to love it. 

For the first time ever, as of TODAY, visitors to the Hobbiton Movie Set are allowed to venture beyond the circular doors and into the cosy home of a hobbit family, where every tiny detail is magic. 

For the last 20 years, the 44 hobbit holes left behind from the filming of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies have only been able to be enjoyed from the outside, and while they are cute as hell, getting invited inside is something else. 

The inside of the holes is a total labyrinth of adorably decorated rooms, designed to feel like you've just wandered through while the owners have popped out to the shops. 


There's a real fireplace crackling, an incredibly stocked pantry filled with delicious delights (Hobbits love to eat) and a game of Scrabble left mid-game in the living room. 

From onion peels and knife marks on the chopping boards to laundry hanging on the line outside, the amount of care and consideration that's gone into recreating the homes is unreal. 


If you're a tall gal like me, you'll find yourself ducking through hallways and generally feeling like a giant, which adds to the whole fantastical vibe. 

Whether you're a casual fan, a die-hard devotee or someone who's never seen the films or read the books at all, there's something for every level of fandom. 


The artists, set designers and landscapers (many of whom worked on the movies) have included all kinds of 'easter eggs' for visitors who know their LOTR lore to discover, so T-Swift, eat your heart out. 

The new immersive 'Bagshot Row' experience will now be a part of all the Hobbiton Movie set tours, so you'll still get to have an ale at the Green Dragon Inn and explore the rest of the Shire as well.