The town that buys the most sex toys in NZ has been revealed, and it might surprise you
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What's Good

The 10 NZ towns that buy the most sex toys have been ranked and y'all are dirty, dirty dogs

It's less 'Sex and the City' and more 'Sex in the Small Towns' around here.

Do you ever find yourself asking the important questions in life? You know, like how sexy us Kiwis truly are? Or even which town buys the most sex toys? 

No? Well, neither... until just now, when this juicy list appeared in my inbox.

Adult Toy Mega Store has just pulled back the sheets on Kiwi’s sexploits to reveal where in NZ people are buzzing (pun not intended) over sex toys and which ones are selling out time and again.

Plot twist - it’s not just the big cities getting frisky, our smaller towns have been big buyers.

This year, Foxton takes the crown as the MVP of pleasure purchasers per capita.

Also making the podium, Winton snagged second place, with Wellsford closely behind in third.  

Top 10 NZ towns that bought the most sex toys in 2023:

1. Foxton
2. Winton
3. Wellsford
4. Hokitika
5. Otorohanga
6. Bulls
7. Warkworth
8. Featherston
9. Inglewood
10. Otaki 

“A sexually satisfied and healthy Aotearoa makes for a happier Aotearoa,” says ATMS Owner and Operator Nicola Relph.

As for what they’re buying, it’s not just the usual suspects in this year's top 10 sex toys.

There are some new players to vibe with (okay that one was absolutely intended).

With one for the men, bondage and a couple of A-listers (IYKYK) making an appearance, this year's list looks like everyone has been having a good time! 

Top 10 best-selling sex toys in New Zealand in 2023:

1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 2 
2. Share Satisfaction Kama
3. ShareSatisfaction Masturbator Egg 
4. Satisfyer Pro Plus G-Spot 
5. ShareSatisfaction Luxury Handcuffs   
6. Satisfyer Cock Ring by Satisfyer 
7. Share Satisfaction Anal Trainer kit
8. Share Satisfaction GAIA Remote-Controlled Couples Vibrator 
9. Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Connect App Compatible   
10. Nood by Share Satisfaction Easy Clean Enema Kit  

It seems we Kiwis are all about satisfying ourselves here in NZ, with Satifyer and Share Satisfaction toys taking out all but one of the top 10 spots.

“Helping New Zealanders to find sexual pleasure and empowerment is a concept we’ve really fallen in love with at Share Satisfaction,” says Share Satisfaction founder Taslim Parsons.

There you have it! It seems we need to forget ‘Sex and the City’ because here in Aotearoa, it's 'Sex and the Small Towns'.