New Zealand's kinkiest and most vanilla regions for buying sex toys have been revealed
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What's Good

New Zealand's kinkiest and most vanilla regions for buying sex toys have been revealed

From the wildest kinks to the most sex toys sold - Us Kiwis have been getting freaky in the sheets!

Ever found yourself lying awake at night questioning the important stuff. You know, like how kinky us Kiwi peeps are? or even how much lube we go through in a year? No? Well, neither did I until now. 

According to adult toy store Lovehoney, we managed to scoop up a whopping 20 hot tubs full of lube. Though I don’t think anyone would wanna go for a dip in that pool. 

Strap in, because we're about to dive headfirst into the juicy bits you're really here for – Aotearoa's sauciest kinks of 2022. We're talking about the uncensored scoop on where in NZ peeps are keeping it steamy and who love it a lil more vanilla. 

SOURCE: Lovehoney

That’s not all the awards though, Lovehoney have whipped up a whole map of NZ’s great sex awards and spending habits. So, if talk of pleasure paraphernalia isn't your cup of tea, consider this your exit cue. 

And the awards go to…

Sexiest City Award - Auckland
Our sultry champion of 2023 is none other than the vibrant and bustling Auckland! Hats off to you, City of Sails for giving those toy sales a run for their money - literally!

Vanilla Award - West Coast
On the flip side, we've got the West Coast holding down the fort for Team Vanilla. Greymouth, darling, we were rooting for you – but hey, do you beau!

Kinkiest Region Award - Canterbury
Cantabrians, you naughty naughties, you've been bringing some serious heat with your love for BDSM and all things 'sex machine'. Meanwhile, Taranaki's taken the throne as the Bondage Rope Capital of New Zealand. Bravo, Taranaki – you sure know how to tie things up nicely!

Hardest Worker Award - Wellington 
Welly you guys are hands-on – literally – with the most manually operated dildos nationwide. Otago, on the other hand, has embraced chastity cages, while Northland's reigning as the Suction Cup Dildo Champs. Go big or go home, right? And let's not forget about Waikato, championing women's pleasure with the top-selling clitoral suction toy. Let’s hope all that hard work paid off. 

SOURCE: Lovehoney

There you have it, Aotearoa's naughtiest and nicest on full display. Did any raise some eyebrows? I wonder who will take out the awards for 2023?