The 'Hard-To-Buy-For' NZ Christmas Gift Guide for that person who has EVERYTHING
What's Good
What's Good

The 'Hard-To-Buy-For' Christmas Gift Guide for that person who has EVERYTHING

Yep, there's even stuff for Dad.

We all know the December dread of having to dream up an Xmas present for that loved-one who is just beyond difficult to shop for. 

Maybe they have it all, maybe they're just so mysterious it's impossible to tell what they're into, maybe you're emotionally scarred from the time you bought them that nice salad bowl and spotted it stuffed in the back of the cleaning cupboard. 

Whatever the deal, we're pretty confident we'll get you sussed with this list - there's something here for just about everyone. 

The best Christmas presents for the 'Hard To Buy For' 

The Ninja Blast ($99.99)
You might think 'who needs a portable blender?' but the real question should be 'who DOESN'T need one?' This new bit of kit can blast through ice, frozen ingredients and nuts, meaning you can make smoothies, cocktails or even salad dressings on the run. 

Ninja Blast blender

It comes in six different colours, and is totally cordless - plus, it fits in a standard cup holder! Cut to me whizzing up a pina colada without leaving my deck chair! It's leak proof and self-cleaning, and can apparently blend up to 15 times on a single charge, so it's pretty perfect for the gym junkie/camping king or queen/festie frother or long commuter in your life. 

Legless Kiwis card game ($54.99)
Here's a new summer drinking game that reckons it's 'even more Kiwi than the Briscoes lady' and means you can finally get rid of that old beer-stained pack of playing cards that have seen one too many rounds of King's Cup. 

It's got 300 cards with names like 'yah nah' and 'one outs' that give you uniquely Kiwi and crack up challenges and games. There are even DIY cards so you can make up your own  rules. Ideal for pres, big rowdy family BBQs or just those lazy hazy nights at the bach. 

Oxfam Unwrapped Cards (from $15)
You know those people who always answer 'nothing' or 'just kindness' when you ask what they want for Christmas? This is for them. Oxfam Unwrapped lets you buy physical or digital e-cards that act as a donation to their projects helping people all over the world. 

Whether it's supporting female garment workers in Bangladesh, helping our Pacific whānau who are bearing the brunt of climate change or providing clean water in school in Papua New Guinea - there are so many good causes to choose from. 

Kit: Your Face Kit ($102)
This low-maintenance skincare set gets 10s across the board for being the perfect trio whether you're buying for a busy mum, a dude who still washes his face with bar soap or a skincare expert. It's luxe without being too expensive, it's unisex and it's made for all skin types. 

It includes a cleanser to wash and rebalance, the cult fave (F)A.C.E Serum with vitamins A, C and E and a Universal Face Lotion which combats dullness and dehydration. 

Black Pineapple Cocktail Kit (From $64)
The gift of a delicious beverage and the ability to make restaurant worthy cocky-T's at home is verrrrry appealing to mannnnny people. 

Black Pineapple's espresso martini kit

Black Pineapple's kits are customisable so you can send just the drinks (think Espresso Martinis, Mango Chili Margs or even a special Christmas Rum Rocher) or you can bundle them with professional bar gear to give you that BBE (Big Bartender Energy) this silly season. They also have non-alcoholic options and a bunch of beaut glassware so you're totally sussed! 

Hydragun StretchPad ($749)
Ok, I know this is one hella spenny, but bear with me. It's essentially a heated robot yoga mat that can be both your in-home masseuse and a personal trainer (for legal reasons, I should point out the StretchPad is not trained in either of these professions, but you get it).

Think a way bougier, portable and updated version of those lovely massage chairs you get at the nail salon, but in mat form. It's got 22 different air chambers that fill and deflate to gently lift, pull, push, twist, roll and adjust you. It can either give you the chill movement of a slow flow yoga class or just a genuinely good massage for whole-body relaxation. 

If you've got an older member of the family with aches and pains, I'd be asking the siblings, cousins and anyone else in the family group chat to chip in for this one. It'll also be a hit with anyone who works at a desk all day, does a lot of sports or just needs a bit of pampering. 

Sunset Lamp from Kmart ($29) 
You've probably seen these pretty puppies all over your TikTok feed, but having got my mitts on one myself, I reckon they're a legitimately good gift for young, old, and all inbetween. 

This little colour-changing lamp throws off heaps of light, and its many different settings can be totally controlled by your phone. You can go for a calming oasis or a fiery blaze, and there's even a music-activated light mode.

I use mine to go zen when I'm chilling in my room, and I also trot it out to the deck when I want to create some ambiance for hosting drinks. It's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can set it to wake you up in the morning by mimicking a sunrise. How good! 

If that hasn't sold you, just check out this review from the Kmart website, which reads simply: "This lamp has the ultimate rizz." 

Endota Spa Gift Card (From $50)
Some people think that giving a voucher as a gift is phoning it in, but those people clearly are overdue for a massage. Endota has spas all over Auckland as well as in Christchurch, Hamilton, Queenstown and Welly, and they are pros at providing a dreamy experience. 

I reckon a $50 koha towards a treatment would be more than enough, but if you wanna tailor the experience, I'd suggest the Surrender Package ($180), which includes a divine massage with warm jade stones and a custom facial. It's such a treat for anyone from any walk of life, and they also sell super cute gift packs featuring their lovely skincare products and other goodies. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 (from $115)
There's a reason polaroid cameras have stood the test of time - they're just FUN. The Instax Mini 12 has got all the streamlined simplicity of a classic polaroid camera, but the new design comes in a range of extremely cute pastel colours and includes a perfectly positioned selfie mirror. 

The flash and exposure control is completely automatic, which means my 4-year-old nephew loves snapping away on mine as much as my mum does. I challenge you to find someone who could resist the urge to pick this up if you popped it on the Xmas lunch table. 

Instax Mini 12

Glasshouse Fragrances Holiday Collection (from $22.95)
A good candle is the ultimate 'love it, but wouldn't buy it for myself' treat, which makes it an ideal Christmas gift. Nobody does festive cheer like Glasshouse Fragrances does, IMHO and this year's holiday collection is so stunning.

There are the well-loved soy candles in scents like Night Before Christmas, White Christmas and Gingerbread House to choose from, but there's heaps of other limited-edition goodies too. 

Glasshouse's Holiday Collection

Their Christmas car diffuser set will be a treat for anyone who wants to level up from their cardboard air freshener, and their Kyoto in Bloom set includes a delish candle, body lotion and a wee perfume.