I didn't think I needed a bougie car fragrance diffuser, but I was wrong
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What's Good

I didn't think I needed a bougie car fragrance diffuser, but I was wrong

It’s giving pimp my ride but without the fish tank in the boot.

Getting told 'ooh, you smell amazing' is always a bit bloody nice, but getting told 'your car smells amazing' is a new kind of pleasure I've recently experienced for the first time.

I've long been a fan of Glasshouse fragrances - their 'Kyoto in Bloom' scent has become one of my all-time faves and I stand by the fact that a beautiful candle (of which they make many) is the ideal gift.

With all this in mind, I have to admit that when they released a car fragrance diffuser, even I thought maybe it was a bit OTT. Surely the classic paper air freshener hanging from the rear vision mirror would do?

I mean, yes, of course, it'll do. But now that I've tried out that little taste of luxury in my otherwise very budget 2005 Toyota Vitz, I don't think I'll look back.

Glasshouse's Car Diffusers are about $50 a pop, but that's a one-off cost. You can then choose a recyclable and refillable scent disk which you pop in, clip the diffuser to your air conditioning vent and vroom off into the sunset smelling like heaven.

Let's be clear, this is obviously not a necessity - but it's a total treat if you're someone who commutes often, wants a pick-me-up when jumping into the car sweaty from the gym, or is just a passenger princess. Also, did somebody say 'perfect Mother's Day gift?'

The scent discs come in Glasshouse's best-selling fragrances 'A Tahaa Affair' (AKA the Peter Alexander candle) 'Lost InAmalfi', 'Kyoto In Bloom' and 'One Night in Rio', so you can chop and change as you please. You can also dial the amount of scent up and down by twisting the top of the diffuser.

If you're after something sweet and comforting on a long drive, 'A Tahaa Affair' is the one. If you need a burst of energy early in the morning, the fruity flavours of 'One Night In Rio' should do the trick.

We know that scent is linked super closely to memory and emotion, so if you find a fragrance you love, it could improve your mood in a scientifically proven way.

If you don't have a car or are more of a public transport kind of gal, never fear there are all kinds of beaut stuff in their range to make your home smell fab!