Kiwi OnlyFans model banned from NZ Bunnings for 2 years after leaving 'custom gift' for tradies
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Kiwi OnlyFans model banned from NZ Bunnings for 2 years after leaving raunchy gift for tradies

"I don't understand why this whole thing needed to be so dramatic."

A Kiwi OnlyFans creator recently got the boot from Bunnings for leaving a risqué surprise in-store.

Layla Kelly and her partner-in-crime decided to spice things up a bit by filming themselves taking their undies off and leaving them as “custom-made gifts for the dads and hardworking tradies” around the store. 

But while it’s gone viral online with over 32k views, it turns out the hardware shop was not impressed with the strip down and sent the police to hammer down on the model.

In her own words, Layla told "I thought, 'Oh my god, someone had died.' I started panicking, I thought for sure something absolutely horrible had happened." 

Well, spoiler alert: no one died, but her Bunnings ban began.

Layla admitted her video was all about hooking in new viewers and advertising her OnlyFans profile. 

"They were simply a prop for the video, we didn't really take our underwear off," she said about having a double layer of underwear to pull off during the gag. 

"We filmed a bunch of different videos there. No staff told us anything, except that when we took our shoes off at one point, they said we needed to put them back on, which we respected," the woman said. 

Despite Layla's creative explanation, the police handed her a trespass notice, with a potential $6000 fine if she dared to step foot in any Bunnings within the next two years. 

Layla added: "I definitely won't be going into any Bunnings stores though, that's for sure." 

So, I guess we won’t see any OnlyFans x Bunnings collabs anytime soon?