Aussie OnlyFans creator tells us about the wild 'death threats' and backlash from her billboard
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The Edge Breakfast

Aussie OnlyFans creator tells us about the wild 'death threats' and backlash from her billboard

"I lost count at 276..."

An Aussie OnlyFans star who bought a giant billboard plastered with a bikini pic of herself has hit back at the outrage caused for promoting her account.

Savannah, also known as WC Savage on the platform, currently has herself on display at an intersection on a busy street in Perth, Australia.

The advertisement shows her in a black bikini and includes links and a QR code to her OnlyFans, which hosts her adult-only content.

Our very own Edge Breakfast show got all the goss from Savannah herself on, and how she has reacted to the backlash of her bold move and how she dealt with receiving hundreds of death threats as a result of her promo.

Listen to the full chat about Savannah’s wild week after the billboard went up here:

In the open and honest chat, Savannah revealed to Meg that she’s been in the adult industry for about a decade and since joining OF, she’s been thinking of many ways to market herself.

“It’s quite hard to do these days, you know, my Instagram account kept getting deleted.”

Usually, adult creators will use the likes of social media to market themselves, however, Savannah has thought of some other creative ideas including car air fresheners, QR codes, Stickers and now a billboard.

So why has she received so much backlash and how has it fallen back on her?

After the billboard was displayed, Savannah started to receive death threats and threats of violence.

“I actually stopped counting at 276.”

Savannah explained the disgusting and inexcusable messages she received.

“People were messaging me saying that I deserve to die, I deserve to have horrible things happen to me, you know, that they’re going to kill me,” she said.

Savannah also mentioned that news reports over the ditch had a big part to play in trying to get the billboard taken down by encouraging readers to report it to the council.

Dan from The Edge Breakfast team made a great point in saying that her ad is no different to the likes of what we see from actors/athletes in Calvin Klein and other underwear/lingerie brand campaigns.

Savannah agreed and said: “I spoke to the council yesterday and said I understand where the complaints are coming from, but the photo isn’t offensive.”

“It’s a photo of a woman at the beach, if children see that, then that’s what they see. With Only Fans, you have to be of that certain age group to understand what that is.”

She goes on to say that if your child understands what that is at an earlier age, it’s a good opportunity to open the conversation of a healthy sex life, that porn is online and of course the importance of consent.

Meg responded in defence of Savannah by adding: “That’s what drives me crazy. Everyone knows about it and looks at it for free, and then when someone wants to promote it, oh, suddenly we don’t like you. It’s just sick”

Despite the backlash, Savannah revealed that after paying $7,000 AUD to get it up, she made that money back within 48 hours just from people scanning the QR code displayed on the ‘controversial’ billboard.

I think that one speaks for itself.

In an unexpected twist of events, Savannah began receiving messages from new subscribers who revealed that they actually found her account by zooming in on the image of the news articles damming her actions - please hold while I have a little giggle to myself.

“I’m talking over 100 people have told me they’ve got my QR code from the news segment.”

On a lighter note, Savannah believes that despite the negative publicity, good has come from this. I mean, she has reached an international audience, made her money back and is benefitting from it as a whole.

She explained: “I’m not fearing for my life. These people causing the hate, calling me fat, body shaming me… All they’re doing is interacting with these posts more and driving traffic to my page.”

“I’m comfortable with who I am as a person, how I treat people, how I look. It doesn’t matter what people say about me.”

That’s the spirit! We have the full convo with Savannah where she delves more into the controversy, comparisons and what it’s like running an OF business. Listen to the full chat HERE.