Hawke's Bay has their own Fish and Chip flavoured ice cream and I don't know how to feel
What's Good
What's Good

Hawke's Bay has their own Fish and Chip flavoured ice cream and I don't know how to feel

There's also lamb and mint and even a cheese-infused scoop on the menu

Dreaming of your classic goody-goody gumdrops and hokey-pokey ice cream this summer? What if you swapped them for a scoop of lamb and mint or cheesy honey and fig? 

Rush Munro's have created a bunch of new ice cream flavours that are meant to taste like Hawke's Bay, and they are buzzy as, to say the least. 

We're talking fish and chips (yes, you heard right) and lavender with a red wine sauce along with those other wild combos I mentioned above.

This morning, a trio of the unconventional flavors landed at Edge HQ, and let me tell you, I eyed them cautiously. But oh, the surprise when they hit the taste buds.

A mint-flavoured ice cream with lamb-fat fudge, plus a pea macaron sounds bonkers, but once we put spoons to our mouths, our eyes widened to the rather pleasant meaty flavour. 

The close second was the ‘Peak-top picnic’ Manchego cheese, honey and fig ice cream topped with a walnut crumb - It’s giving Te Mata Peak at sunset.

“I tasted something different in every lick,” said Rykah, one of our Edgie taste testers.

Shockingly, the least scary of them all was a tight third place. ‘Pedal the Cycleways’ fragrant lavender flavour with Syrah sauce was a total hit. Representing the 200km cycle trails in H-Bay I could totally see a sunny day bike ride paired with the vibrant purple concoction. 

We’re yet to try what seems like the most intimidating of them all - Fish and chip-flavoured scoops.

Fittingly named ‘Relish in the Coastline’ this bad boy is probably the most interesting of the bunch. 

Topped with a white chocolate ‘snapper’ fish, chardonnay and peach edible sand and a chocolate-covered potato chip, I don’t know which flavour would hit the tongue first. 

The whole concept has been dreamed up alongside Hawke's Bay Tourism to let people know the iconic region is ready to party this summer after a rough year.

“The 'tastes' of summer can be found daily throughout Hawke's Bay," Hawke's Bay Tourism CEO Hamish Sexton says. 

"From vineyard concerts and festivals to crayfish on the BBQ, real fruit ice cream, long hot days, and ocean breezes. We look forward to welcoming visitors to sample our delicious region."

If you’re brave enough to give these flavours a try for yourself, they’ll be hitting Rush Munro's Ice Creamery from today, with one flavour making an appearance in their lineup each week.