Locket is the new photo sharing app that’s like Snapchat and BeReal had a baby
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What's Good

Locket is the new photo sharing app that’s like Snapchat and BeReal had a baby

Get ready to see snaps of me in my PJs 24/7, lol!

Just when you thought you couldn’t make space for any more photo-sharing apps, another one has hit the scene and taking over our home screen aesthetics.

Locket Widget is an iPhone widget that chills in the corner of your home screen, but it’s a whole lot snazzier than your boring weather and calendar updates. 

It's like Snapchat and BeReal had a baby, and now you can upload photos to your very own "locket," automatically sharing the love with your chosen squad.

When you sign up, the app asks who your top 10 pals are - It’s giving MySpace!

You can even create separate lockets for your BFF or significant other ;)

Don’t worry though, Locket won't go all creeper mode on you. It won't store your contacts' info or slide into DMs without your nod. Sure, it needs this step to work its magic, but your privacy is kept secure.

Creator Matthew Moss whipped up this app as a sweet gift for his long-distance girlfriend. But when friends and fam started begging to get in on the action, he decided to let us all in on it.

"It makes your phone feel a lot more personal to use," Creator Matthew told Entrepreneur.

I've dabbled with a similar app called Noteit during my own long-distance relationship, and let me tell you, it really is the cutest way to add a personal touch to each others phone.

If you’re not really into sending pics back and forth, Noteit is the same concept as Locket, but with little personal written notes.

I still have it on my phone to this day, but rest assured Locket will be a new addition to send cheeky pics back and forth with my mates - what should my first masterpiece be?!