The Kiwi guitarist Post Malone pulled onstage to play with him tells us how she got her moment
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The Kiwi guitarist Post Malone pulled onstage to play with him tells us how she got her moment

A lot went into her unforgettably epic performance.

A Kiwi guitarist named Rachel had the most epic fan experience during Post Malone’s Western Springs show in Auckland last night.

The singer pulled her up on stage to play his hit ‘Stay’ on the guitar - and she absolutely killed it btw.

It all started with a cleverly painted t-shirt that read, "Can I play 'Stay?'" Little did she know, that question was about to become a reality.

In her green hat, shaking with excitement - and a little nerves -, Rachel caught Postie's eye in the crowd. A quick chat later, she found herself on stage, officially the chosen one to strum alongside the rapper. 

"I'm literally shaking right now, I love Austin so much," she blurted into the microphone after snapping a quick selfie with the man himself. 

"Here, I've found this helps with the shakes,” Postie handed her his beer from the side of the stage.

With liquid courage in hand, Rachel took a seat and the pair crushed the acoustic version of the 2018 hit.

Post-concert, Rachel caught up with our very own Edge Breakfast to de-brief her unforgettably epic night.

Leading up to her big moment, Rachel explained she had been practising “day in and day out”.

“I’ve been playing guitar for 13 years now, and I’ve been playing along with his live recording so I could get the vibe of him playing it live.”

After noticing other fans being pulled up on stage during the singer's world tour, Rachel knew she had to try her best shot at rubbing shoulders with Post.

Rachel revealed the crowd were supportive of her venture and helped her get as close to the stage as possible to get noticed.

After shouting his name during a quiet moment of the set, Post finally declared this was her moment to shine, Rachel would be playing ‘Stay’ alongside the singer.

The rest, as they say, is history.

“I made a few mistakes because I was a bit nervous,” Rachel told us. 

But after listening back to the recording of her performance, not a single flaw could be found.

And what did she keep as a memento from that magical night? Not just the memories—the beer cup that once contained her liquid courage.

“I drank the beer and I still have the cup at home.”

They say ‘You don't know, if you don't try’, and Rachel’s story is a classic example of just that!