Are you a vampire, a hunter or worse? Spotify Wrapped's roasting us with new 'listening habits'
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Are you a vampire, a hunter or worse? Spotify Wrapped's roasting us with new 'listening habits'

We're all talking about it...

I don’t know about you but I’ve been HUMBLED by Spotify wrapped this year. As a sensitive girlie, my jaw dropped when Spotify revealed what my streaming habits say about me. My top genre was pop and every song I’ve listened to has been on The Edge playlist at some point. Talk about drinking the kool-aid…

If you want to see your Spotify wrapped, all you have to do is open up your Spotify app and it’ll be right there! Open your Spotify app, go to the homepage and tap play on your stories. Congratulations, you can now find out your listening personality type!

The ‘Me in 2023’ section of Spotify Wrapped tells you what your listening habits are and I’m embarrassed.

Like Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic track, I was also called a ‘Vampire’ and I’m not stoked about it. My listening type implies that I’m an emotional listener which is 100% true but I’m salty about being called out like that. It’s like my music taste is mocking me!

Here’s what every Spotify streaming type is and what it says about you.

The Hypnotist:

“Your concentration is absolute, friend. You like to play albums all the way through, from the opening track to the final note.”

The Fanatic:

“Once you pick a favourite, you never let go. Your top artist makes up more than a third of your listening. Impressive.”

The Hunter:

“You’re always searching for new favourites. You skip tracks more than other listeners. Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase?”

The Collector:

“Your taste is sublime. You listen mostly to your own playlists, and we totally get why. They’re perfect, after all.”

The Shapeshifter:

“One moment you’re head over heels for an artist. The next, you’ve moved on. Some say it’s erratic. We call it eclectic.”

The Roboticist:

“You like to hit play, kick back, and let the clever algorithms work their magic, track after track. Oh, look, that rhymes.”

The Mastermind:

“Knowledge is power, listener. Which makes you powerful indeed, as you like to study a wide range of different genres. Clever you.”

The Luminary:

“There’s a spark in you, and your listening shows it. You play light, upbeat music more than others. Bet you’re fun at parties.”

The Cyclops:

“When it comes to your listening, you’re loyal and devoted. You like to focus on one genre. Sometimes while wearing a monocle.”

The Time Traveler:

“Have we met before? You travel back in time and listen to songs on repeat, again and again. The best tracks never get old.”

The Alchemist:

“Listening is your laboratory. You create your own playlists more than other listeners do. Nice work, doc.”

The Vampire:

“When it comes to your listening, you like to embrace a little… darkness. You listen to emotional, atmospheric music more than most.”