Everything you need to know about your zodiac this Taurus Season!
What's Good
What's Good

Everything you need to know about your zodiac this Taurus Season!

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Astrology has been astrologying and it looks as though everyone’s been feeling the tension. We’ve been going through mercury retrograde AND a solar eclipse at the same time. Essentially these placements have been to blame for the wild and unexpected events that have been unfolding around the world.

Everybody is frustrated, exhausted or rampantly gearing up for their next adventure. The universe is asking you to let go of anything that isn’t serving your highest good. If you haven’t been acknowledging what you need to change in your life the universe is now taking action into its own hands! Scary stuff but it’ll help you become more comfortable being your true authentic self.

Taurus season is just around the corner so pull out your natal chart, find out what your rising sign is and check out what you’ll be experiencing this coming month! If you don't know your rising sign you can use your sun sign (note: your rising sign will always be more accurate).

Aries Rising

Your sense of security is changing Aries. You could be experiencing a life event that will force you to evaluate what you truly need. Taurus season could have you reassessing your friendships as you notice and prioritise your values. This is a great time to let go of anyone in your life who is holding you back.

Taurus Rising

Happy birthday Taurus babes! This Taurus season you’ll be evaluating who you are and who you’d like to be at this new age. This is a lucky time for you to set intentions for your long-term goals. A new haircut or change in appearance could be a nice pick-me-up after mercury retrograde ends.

Gemini Rising

Sorry Gemini, you might have some exes returning in your life this season. You’ll experience some flashbacks in the past so you can process them, learn your lessons and choose whether you’d like to continue the experience again or if you’re ready to leave it all behind. 

Just be cautious that those experiences left your life for a reason. If the scenario isn’t helping you grow as a person, it might be better to leave it behind!

Cancer Rising

It’s time to get social Cancer! Prepare yourself for new friends and easier connections. Some of your friends aren’t vibing with you how they used to and that’s okay. Let go of the people who don’t fill up your cup and you’ll be surprised at who replaces them. You deserve better and I have a feeling you know that too!

Leo Rising

KEEP GOING LEOS! I know that you’ve been working hard to get the results you want. You’re a star and people are watching you. Your career and public perception will be highlighted during Taurus season. The more effort you invest in this area of your life, the bigger your reward will be. Don’t be surprised if a promotion or raise is on the cards for you next month!

Virgo Rising

Are you heading on a holiday soon Virgo? If not, this is your sign to plan one. Taurus season is an excellent time to pursue an education, learn a new language or research other cultures. Follow whatever you’re passionate about and you’ll notice some good luck heading your way! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not. Prepare to make some radical lifestyle changes!

Libra Rising

You are going THROUGH it Libra and it’s time to make some changes. You might be feeling out of control with your current life circumstances but that’s okay. Sometimes we need to feel out of control so that we can learn how powerful we truly are! At this moment in time, you’ll be realising what you need to walk away from. It’s time for you to take your power back, analyse what’s truly within your control and take small steps to change what isn’t working for you. 

Scorpio Rising

It’s time to stop being a hermit and get the support you need Scorpio! Relationships and connections are extremely important to you so you need to ensure you aren’t holding back. This isn’t the right time to be pessimistic. Focus on relationships that are stable and start investing more in these relationships. 

In May you might rediscover some old wounds in relationships that you haven’t yet healed. Use this time to work on these issues and you’ll help free yourself from old limited beliefs. This will help attract better relationships for you and allow you to understand your attachment style.

Sagittarius Rising

It’s time to slow down Sagittarius and embrace the little things. Your life will be focusing on creating daily habits that will make you happier in everyday life. Life will start looking up sooner than you think! Focus on the things in life that make you happy and you’ll be back to your optimistic self.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorns things are getting spicy! Romance is heating up and your sex life is looking great this Taurus season. There could be an unexpected date or hookup that will leave you feeling excited. Your sex life could be changing for the better once you look at understanding your needs.

Aquarius Rising

Some rapid changes are coming your way this year Aquarius. Now is the time to reflect, reevaluate and recharge. Taurus season is focusing on your home life so don’t be surprised if you’re redecorating your place. You might be feeling restless but it’s time for you to have a break. Use this time to rest so that you’re ready for your new beginning.

Pisces Rising

Communication and community are going to be huge themes for you Pisces. As one of the most psychic signs, you could be receiving some eye-opening news or crazy realisations. Start exploring how you can better express and communicate yourself. Major news is heading your way!