Ok but how have I never heard about this twist on fairy bread using a Kiwi pantry staple?
What's Good
What's Good

Ok but how have I never heard about this twist on fairy bread using a Kiwi pantry staple?

It's giving after school hunger!

The holy grail of kiddie party snacks just got a major glow-up! 

Aussie mum and IG cooking influencer, Annie, shared her mouthwatering way to get any Kiwi’s attention to Instagram - Milo fairy bread.

Clearly, my childhood skipped the experimental fairy bread phase, cause why am I only just hearing about such greatness now?!

“The combination of soft white bread, butter, and the chocolatey malt crunch of Milo is SO good,” Annie wrote alongside her video.

Obviously, it’s not the most revolutionary food discovery, and we’re pretty confident that we can nail this one, but in case you’re a little stumped - here’s the recipe!

All you need is fresh white bread, butter, Milo - obvi.

1. Pour your Milo out into a bowl or onto a plate.
2. Spread a nice thick layer of butter on your pieces of bread, then press them - butter side down - into the Milo until the faces of the bread are well covered.
3. Slice into triangles, if desired. Enjoy!

Honestly, if you’re cutting any shape other than a triangle, you deserve jail time!

Everyone is frothing over the nostalgic recipe in the comments, with one writing: “STOP I NEEED THISS😍.”

“OMG this is genius,” said another.

While a third recommended using condensed milk instead of butter for the sweetest of tooths.

I’m sure whoever came up with the ‘healthy fairy bread’ we covered earlier in the year would be horrified at the suggestion.

Remember the absolute criminal excuse for a snack made with coconut flakes and veggie juice?

Yeah! That was the day we realised we were very passionate about people messing with our sacred treat.

This Milo version though, that’s something I can absolutely get behind and will be sprinting to the kitchen to try immediately!