John Oliver makes 'NZ Bird of the Century' victory speech, shouts out losing birds
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John Oliver makes 'NZ Bird of the Century' victory speech, shouts out losing birds

"New Zealand was perfect."

Well, well, well, John Oliver has finally responded to his choice winning New Zealand’s ‘Bird of the Century’ competition after running an insane, global campaign. 

After putting up billboards and flying aeroplanes calling for votes for the pūteketeke, his bird of choice stomped the competition. It received 290,000 votes which, as Oliver pointed out in his latest show, was three times more than the rest of the top ten birds combined. 

“When you talk about historic, all-time levels of dominance, the conversation now begins and ends with Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, and the pūteketeke,” he said. 

“Those are now the GOATs, the best to ever do it, and no one else even comes close.”

The British comedian made it clear that he had a great time joining the competition, shouting out the way several bird campaigns accepted the loss. 

“Everything about the way New Zealand handled this contest was perfect. Other birds conceded this week in a variety of delightful ways.”

The takahē team posted an incorrectly worded ‘Anchorman’ meme. Instead of the correct ‘Boy, that escalated quickly,’ their meme reads: ‘Well, that was unexpected.’. 

“Frankly, it’s that kind of lack of attention to detail that might explain why the takahē lost,” Oliver said. 

He also shouted out the kaki crew, who posted a video of a bunch of their birds pecking away at a pic of Oliver. 

His “favourite response” came from the NZ Breakers, who filmed a “magnificent” press conference with their Kea mascot and an assistant reading a concession speech since the bird was “not able to speak” that day. 

Oliver shared that he’s had “tremendous fun” over the last month and seemed stoked that the campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for New Zealand’s wildlife. 

We appreciate the love, you toucan-looking dude, just know that New Zealanders will campaign stronger and slayer than ever next year.