Hellers and Bluebird are combining saussies with two iconic NZ chip flavours for BBQ szn
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Hellers and Bluebird are combining saussies with two iconic NZ chip flavours for BBQ szn

Our summer barbies are about to be lit

A classic Kiwi BBQ always contains a few saussies sizzling away while popping open a bag of chips.

So, what happens when the two are smashed into one bite? And no we’re not talking about making some sort of snag meets chip sandwich (cbk though).

Hellers and Bluebird have teamed up to combine the classic Kiwi sausage with Rashuns and Burger Rings.

One of our own Edgies eyed a sneak peek at these new saussies during a trip to Sylvia Park in Auckland over the weekend. 

He reckons he had to do a double take, thinking he was hallucinating from the hunger, but nope, these sizzlers are the real deal.

Brydon Heller, Marketing Manager for Hellers told the NZ Herald that the idea for the pairing sparked from other Kiwi foodie mash-ups.

This isn't the only Kiwi-inspired food combo we've gotten this year.

Just last month, Auckland’s Fugitoto Ice Cream offered a New Zealand King Salmon flavour, with a splodge of wasabi on top.

Jenny of @ga.eats on Instagram tried the fishy flavour and actually found it quite “pleasant”. She described it as “a creamy salmon dip but frozen, flaky and slightly sweet”. 

And when it comes to meat, we Kiwis aren't shy about a mash-up.

Let’s not forget some keen guy whipped up a 'Vie'—that's Blue V and Mince pies combined

U/AvailingPiano said he made it during a Covid fever, and reckons it's legendary - we are still yet to agree on that one.

“By combining a Blue V and a pie into a single entity I have effectively given tradies an extra hand they can now use while eating lunch. After convincing my girlfriend that I had not actually lost my taste to Covid, she agreed to help me turn this Covid dream into reality.”

Let’s cross everything we’ve got that these snags are the meaty match-up to blow our minds.