Taylor Swift fans are convinced she's secretly Elly Conway, writer of spy thriller 'Argylle'
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Taylor Swift fans are convinced she's secretly Elly Conway, writer of spy thriller 'Argylle'

Here's all of their evidence!

*This article has been updated*

A mysterious author is stirring up Swifties, prompting them to cook up a theory that Taylor Swift might be behind the new spy novel and upcoming film ‘Argylle’.

The author, Elly Conway, has already snatched a film adaptation of their book starring Henry Caville, Dua Lipa and more big names, releasing this February.

The weird thing is, the book is still yet to be released… seems a little sus, right? Especially considering Apple Original Films have dropped a whopping USD $200 million on the movie. 

The real mystery seems to be Elly Conway herself, who seems to have no real identity. So who tf is she, and why are fans convinced she's really Taylor writing under a pseudonym? 

Who is Elly Conway?

The only info anyone can seem to find on Conway is her very vague bio on the Penguin Books website.

“Elly Conway was born and raised in upstate New York. She wrote her first novel about Agent Argylle while working as a waitress in a late-night diner,” the biography reads.

Some fans found her Instagram page, but none of her posts include a pic of her face. 

SOURCE: @ellyconway on Instagram

The cat is out of the bag

Taylor is known for her love of cats - she currently owns two Scottish Folds named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

Some fans don’t think it’s a coinky-dink that Chip - the star cat in ‘Argylle’ - is also a Scottish Fold.

“Same kind of backpack she used to carry Olivia around in,” one fan wrote on the 'Taylor Swift’s Vault' Facebook page, comparing the film’s poster to a pic of Taylor carrying her cat around.

SOURCE: Taylor Swift's Vault on Facebook

Another added: "The cat has its own Instagram page, and guess what? He/she follows TayTay.”

Chip the Cat has also posted loads of not-so-subtle Swift-related hints.

Most recently, he shared a snap with the caption: “She's cheer captain and we're on the bleachers” - which OBVI are lyrics from Taylor's hit song ‘You Belong With Me’.

Taylor, her fan account 'Taylor Nation' and the NFL (in which her boyfriend Travis Kelce plays) were all tagged.

Another picture of the account shows a photoshopped image of Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner on a recent night out in New York with cat heads edited onto them. 

Taylor wears ‘Conway’ clothes

In probably the least subtle hint of them all, Taylor was snapped wearing a jersey that was plastered with the name Conway on the chest.

SOURCE: Taylor Swift's Vault on Facebook

That’s not the only hint Taylor might be giving out

"Her middle name is Alison. Ally, Elly? Idk, could be a source of inspiration for a pen name,” a fan tried to piece together.

Another said: “‘Once you know the secret, don’t let the cat out of the bag.” 13 words’.”

All Swifties can vouch for Taylor’s love for the number 13!

“She talks about cottages with wisteria growing on them... And that big blue butterfly? Seal the deal.”

Another major hint that an eagle-eyed fan noticed was that the house from the upcoming film appears to look a lot like the one Taylor described while WRITING during quarantine.

SOURCE: Taylor Swift's Vault on Facebook

Taylor Swift also loves cryptic hints and leaving Easter eggs in her work, so this sort of thing would not be out of character for her. 

She’s previously written under the pseudonym ‘Nils Sjöberg’, on Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s hit track ‘This Is What You Came For’. 

So, could Elly actually be Taylor, or is this one brilliantly planned PR stunt based on all the Taylor hype atm?

*Well, here's an update for you*: We've now confirmed via an industry representative that Taylor is in fact NOT the author of 'Argylle.'

This still begs the question though, why is the Argylle movie page sharing Taylor Swift lyrics alongside the trailer snippets on social media? 

The plot thickens...