Six of the wildest social media posts from New Zealand politicans this election cycle
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Six of the wildest social media posts from New Zealand politicans this election cycle

They really are going for it!

It’s mega important that every Kiwi votes, especially young people. And where are all the youth these days? On their friggin smarty phones looking at the Tikky Tok. 

Political parties know this and have taken to the app to sway votes. With Gen Z humour being so weird, slathered in layers of irony and cringe, and politicians being so not Gen Z, the content coming from the potential leaders of our country is just insanely absurd. 

Their definitely young social media managers have been putting in work, only asking if they could, not thinking if they should. For that, we thank them (I think). 

Six of the wildest social media posts from New Zealand politicians this election cycle

Chris Skuxin (National)

Chris Luxon rizzed up For You pages by posting a video of him with the famous Glamour filter. I want to make more jokes but it’s just too strange. 

I’ve watched this so many times and honestly have not heard a word he’s said, I’m far too distracted by his aura. This video is just a shocking indicator that social media face filters have gotten way too realistic. 

David Seahorse (ACT)

Good golly Miss Molly. Why do we, as a society, need a seahorse filter? If it’s just to see the walking meme of a politician David Seymour use it, I guess that’s fine - who even cares anymore? 

I tried to see where that comment the video is replying to comes from, but it goes nowhere. Did the ACT social media team just come up with the pun, see the filter and pounce? If so, kudos. No policies, message or call to vote, just pure seahorse action, baby. 

Shane ‘Hits Tones’ Jones (NZ First)

At the ripe age of 64, NZ First’s second-in-command Shane Jones secured a backup career as a musical artist. His cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ made headlines earlier this year, so I’ll leave his latest musical feat here: an objectively horrible rendition of 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’. 

The dedication to the content has to be commended. Would love to know if anyone’s vote was swayed by this.  

Chloe ‘chuck it on a t-shirt’ Swarbrick (Greens)

Less cooked and more ‘woah’, Chloe Swarbrick owning the ‘woke lesbo’ label a billboard defacer gave her is pretty out the gate for a politician. I tried to find some weird content from the Greens but they're pretty clued up in the social media department tbh. 

The shirts sold out quicker than John Key yanks a ponytail: An indicator that Chloe is in tune with the online Kiwi crowd. Another indicator is the fact she wasn’t born in the 60s. 

Labour’s boogielicious diss 

In our first ROAST SESSION TikTok, Labour TAKES SHOTS at Winston Peters and Chris Luxon, soundtracked by a tune that gets the shoulders bouncing like you're Shane Jones.

If you’re curious, Shazam says the song is called ‘Il magnifico cornuto (M11)’ - gonna bet it’s the first time the song has been used as a POLITICAL DISS. 

Te Pāti Māori Don’t Want to Seymour

In comparison to the other parties, Te Pāti Māori have had a tame social media campaign this election season. However, they do have one absolute meme barrage of a video poking fun at David Seymour speaking Te Reo in parliament. 

The out-the-gateness of this video comes from the high volume of memes they fit in 56 seconds. 

Remember to vote and DO NOT let any of this nonsense sway your opinion - go off the policies you think are best, not whose content is the funniest!