Pals just revealed what their new 'beige' flavour is and it's def not what we expected
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What's Good

We just tried the new Pals 'beige' flavour and it's def not what we expected

If you thought ginger, you thought wrong.

Whether or not the weather is gonna play ball, summer is on the way, and that means festies, camping, beach days and backyard BBQs. 

Obvi, a couple of cans of cold ones are in order for such occasions, and Pals have come to the party with a brand new flavour to chuck in the chilly bin. 

Pal's new beige flavour

All my neutral tone fashionistas better get ready, because 'The Beige One' is a can that's gonna go with all your monochromatic outfit choices for your next Insta shoot.

When the minimalist beige can was revealed, rumours of a ginger-flavoured drink went into overdrive, but it turns out it's actually 'Vodka, Pink Guava, Lime and Soda'. We were lucky enough to get a wee sippy-sip of the new can ahead of the launch here at Edge HQ, and the three most used words were "effen yum" and "refreshing". 

Pal's new beige flavour

According to Pals, the new flavour went through "rigorous rounds of taste-testing" within the small team of 10, which sounds like a pretty bloody good time, tbh. 

"We put a huge amount of effort into perfecting the flavour and the process takes months of fine-tuning," co-founder and director Nick Marshall said. 

"the benchmark is set super high. We’re stoked to have landed on this combination - we hope it could be another winner."

Pals have been repping Aotearoa on the world stage, with every one of their previous flavours winning gold at the Hard Seltzers Masters Awards - a blind tasting competition featuring brands from all over the world (again, where do we sign up?). 

As with the other Pals flavours, a 10 pack of these bad boys is gonna set you back about $31, and they're vegan friendly and gluten free. 

Now I guess we just wait for the sun to come out, eh?