From brow lamination to gel nails: We tried beauty treatments you can do wayyy cheaper at home
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What's Good

From brows to gel nails: We tried beauty treatments you can do for way cheaper at home

Give yourself a glow-up without breaking the bank!

Hey you, 'What's Good' writers Mon and Soph here!

With this current cozzy liv crisis getting us down, we're having to cancel nail, lash and brow appointments all over the show to save some cash and it's left us feeling more drab than fab.

While paid-for pamper time is on the out, we were determined to find a solution - so we trialled a bunch of treatments you can do at home instead of paying double or triple at a salon, and we're here to give you our honest opinions.

Here are 7 products you can use without leaving the house to get your glow up on a budget:



Brow Lamination

This wee kit was super easy and quick to use, and I was veryyyy into the results. I found the instructions really chill to follow, but you will want to read them carefully because you are using chemicals on your brows, and you don't wanna sizzle them. 

I have naturally super thick and fluffy brows, so I often struggle to control them. Even a good brow gel and pomade combo tends to lose its grip by the end of the day. 

While I'm not sure the at-home version of this treatment is quite as effective as what you'd get in a salon, it's still impressive - especially in the first couple of days after you do it, so great for an upcoming event.

I felt so 'put together' even when I didn't have make-up on, and it almost gave me a little face lift energy, which I was NOT mad about. 

The only thing that gave me a little trouble were the instructions to avoid steam and water for 24 hours - I simply cannot go that long without a shower and I do wonder if my results might have lasted longer if I did. 


I have been a Bondi Sands gal since I started tanning at home, and I won't say a bad word against them, HOWEVER, Little Honey has proven to be a bit of a game-changer. This Kiwi-owned brand has pretty much eliminated all the 'CBF' moments that sometimes put me off tanning, and occasionally even see me forking out $50 for a patchy in-salon number. 

This is the only product I've ever used that actually means what it says when it says 'dries in 10 seconds'. It's a spray rather than a mousse, and there's NO awkwardly waddling around your room naked for hours until you feel safe enough to sit on something. 

I also love that it gives you a bit of colour right away on application, so you don't have to wait to see results. It's not sticky and not especially smelly, so you can pop it on and go straight out, or straight to bed without ruining your sheets. 

The only qualm is that the fast-drying element means you have to be way quicker than usual when applying to get a smooth finish. When my tan started to wear off, I mixed a few sprays of Little Honey with some of my normal moisturiser to top it up and that worked beautifully! 


For me, the at home lash extension kist from Luxe Lashes was a steeep learning curve. The concept is really simple - brush on some bond, place the lash clusters underneath your lash line one by one, and then clamp and add the sealer. 

They provided me with both a natural set and a more dramatic one, and the results looked awesome, but I did struggle with application. My first time round, I definitely applied too much bond to my natural lashes and made a sticky mess. 

I got it right the second time and wore them out to my birthday dinner, where I think they looked fire (if I do say so myself). They lasted the night with no trouble at all, the only problem was, you have to be reaaaally careful washing your face to not disrupt the glue too much or pull them off. I was not reeeeaaally careful after a BYO and 2 hours of karaoke. 

This at home option is definitely worth giving a go, especially if you're a false lash pro already. All I'll say is practice makes perfect! 

Gel Nail Kit 

Anyone who has a regular nail salon knows how they become your second home, and I abso love the gals at mine, but I owe them an apology… because I may never go back. 

I totally gave up on doing my nails at home with regular polish years ago because a) my nails are too weak and b) I never lasted more than 10 mins drying time without smudging or scraping them. Using gel polish at home with the Gelous kit totally changed all that. 

For one thing, it's waaaay easier than I thought it would be. Just like in-salon, you apply a base coat, your colour and a top coat, curing each one under the UV lamp as you go. You can even add builder gel to add a strong base if you have brittle nails like me. From there - sky's the limit. They sell chrome powder so you can get the Hailey Bieber glazed donut vibe, stickers so you rock nail art, and so many gorg colours. 

Also, it's really fun and relaxing to do in front of the TV and gets me off my phone! Only downside is all my mates having to hear me proudly announcing that I did my own nails to literally anyone who will listen. 


These days, the thought of shelling out for a spa facial treatment is honestly laughable - I'm out here struggling to pay for a capsicum, let alone several hundy bucks for a chemical peel. 

With that in mind, spending $130 on a bottle of Dermalogica's Liquid Peelfoliant might also make you wanna spit out your coffee, but bear with me. 

This product is legit formulated to deliver "treatment room results at home", so we're talking weeks and weeks worth of chemical peels for less than the price of one. 

First let me say you do need relatively resilient skin for this puppy - my sensitive skin bebs may wanna skip it. It's a really powerful mix of acids and enzymes, including AHA, BHA and PHA, which exfoliate, brighten and even skin tone. 

It can help with hyperpigmentation and unclogging pores, but the main thing you'll notice is how incredibly smooth your skin feels. There was also a reduction in the appearance of my fine lines (okay boomer), which means this could also save you cash if you're a Botox girlie. 

This is quickly becoming a ride-or-die part of my skincare routine - a couple of times a week is all I need and it helps my makeup go on soooo nicely. 


Teeth Whitening 

Being the highest low-maintenance girly I love a lazy treatment and for me, this at home kit was IT. Being a daily coffee drinker (we’re talking multiple times a day) I’ve unfortunately noticed my pearlers have been looking a little duller than usual. 

Using the kit is super easy. Each night before bed I would brush my teeth, brush on the white pen treatment to each tooth and whack the black light in my mouth for 20 mins while I watched some telly.

It also has an inbuilt timer so you don’t even need to keep track of the time, it’ll just turn off when you’re done - how good?

Now, I was told to do this once every night for seven days or once every two days for two weeks. However, being the aforementioned lazy gal I am, I kinda flopped on the every night rule. I’M HUMAN! But the results were already showing within the first three days. I’ve been keeping up the treatment once a week and I’m feeling wayyyy more confident about my smile.

False Nails 

I’m an acrylic nail girly through and through, however with the current cozzy liv, I’ve had to give up, and my nails have never looked more sad. 

I’ve tried a few press-on nails, but have never been able to keep the things on longer than a day. And tbvh, I’d rather have no nails than a few claws hanging on for dear life.

So, while they weren’t a salon set of french tip acrylics, these press ons did the trick. I was a little suss on how strong they would hold since they’re made from recycled plastic (94% to be exact), but to my total shock, these bad bois lasted two whole weeks.

And, yes, I put them through the wringer! They survived a daily round of shooting hoops with workmates (yes, we actually do work too), endured all the kitchen nightmares and, of course, the all important wipe test - IYKYK.

Now, I’m not 100% sure the actual nail itself is to thank for the strength or whether it’s a combo with the matching brush-on nail glue - which, might I add, has been a friggin game changer.

**Mon and Soph were provided these products for these reviews**