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What's Good

The Edge listeners share the top 6 Kmart NZ items that are legit worth the cash

From SKIMS dupes to kitchen gadgets - Anko is slaying it!

Ahhh Kmart, the wonderful world of going in for one thing and coming out with a trolley load of gadgets you never knew you needed, let alone wanted.

I mean, the place always seems to be filled with hidden gems, but not everything always passes the test once they’re out of the box. 

Our Edge Breakfast show delved into the Anko products that are legitimately good and while we can’t guarantee you’ll strike gold with all of these items, many have a lot of things to rave about.

So, let’s just get into it, shall we? Here are all the best Kmart/ Anko products as chosen by our very own Edge listener whānau!

Anko Satin Pyjama Set

Another listener texted in: “I got Pyjamas that look exactly like Peter Alexander ones!”

They do look pretty similar for almost a quarter of the price. Can I get a ‘DUUUPE’?!


Sleeveless Luxe Maxi Dress

We know this one well! The viral Skims bodycon dress dupe. 

SOuRCE: Kmart NZ

There are actually quite a few magical dupes already lurking in your local Kiwi Kmart, such as the ‘Sleeveless Halter Bodysuit’ which looks nearly identical to the ‘Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit’ Skims offers (and is $100+ cheaper). 

Skim’s $96 ‘Fits Everybody T-shirt’ and Kmart’s $12 ‘Short Sleeve Luxe T-shirt' are also twins. 

Anko 2400W Bagless Vacuum

“I got a real cheap vacuum from Kmart. It sucks up anything, and still bloody goes,” Tom texted into the show.

Anko Espresso Machine

It seems these lil machines are the new IT product atm. Clint Randell buys into the hype telling us that the Kmart product has just outperformed a $4,500 machine from a well-known (unnamed) brand. 

Anko Pie Maker 

Imagine all the different flavours you could make with this! I’m thinking sweet, I’m thinking salty. But please, for the g-damn love of God, do NOT go and make the blue V infused mince and cheese concoction that was trending earlier this year.

Anko Mini Noodle and Multi Cooker

Aside from how cute this lil guy is, it seems like a pretty impressive little gadget for all of us out here cooking meals for one!

Honourable mentions go to the pretty affordable fry pans, citrus hand press and the wooden cubby house.

The people have spoken. It seems these are the hot picks at the moment, tried and tested by our Edge whānau. 

Remember though, all of these are suggestions.  if they're not up to scratch don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger! 😉