PSA: Glassons has one piece togs and fuller bikinis now and we like to think it's cos of us
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PSA: Glassons has one piece togs and fuller bikinis now and we like to think it's cos of us

For legal reasons, that last part is a joke.

Hey guys, Mon here - one of the lifestyle writers at The Edge. You may remember me from that time I went on a massive rant about the lack of one-pieces and size inclusivity on offer at Glassons. 

The story kiiinda blew up, and you guys agreed, like, a lot. 

Glassons comments

Well today, I'm reporting live from the forefront of journalistic change - AKA, my desk… to tell you that THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. 

Yesterday, I was invited to meet with the CEO of Glassons NZ and one of the buyers at their Newmarket store where they showed me their new drop of swimwear including…. A RANGE OF ONE PIECE TOGS. 

That's right ladies - this summer we have optionssss. This is NOT an ad, just a public service announcement from a curvy gal despo for an affordable swimsuit from a store I've been shopping at all my life. 

They told me there are gonna be a couple of new one-pieces dropping every month for the next little while, and they already have some cute as heck styles. 

This one has already been their best-selling swimwear in NZ so far, outdoing all the bikinis. 

Glassons one piece togs

Yep, there's still the issue of these products being modelled almost exclusively by size 6 and 8s, but hey, small wins. 

Speaking of bikinis, they still have the its- bitsy thong kind, but they've recut a bunch of the bottoms to provide more coverage, adding serious centimetres for those who want them. 

Glassons bikini

We're talking high-rise, we're talking extra cheek coverage, we're talking underwire. Before we get too excited, let's remember we're working with a size range that stops at 16, which is the size of the average Kiwi woman. Glassons isn't planning on changing that any time soon, which is a heck of a shame, however…. 

They gifted me a couple of the one pieces, and when I tried them on, I found out they are GENEROUSLY sized. 

I am usually anywhere from a 12 - 16, but I ended up getting size 10s to hold everything in place, and to account for the stretch that always happens with togs. So, the world's gone mad (I haven't been a size 10 since I was about that age), but hopefully this means the bigger sizes will fit more people! 

Definitely take that into account when you're shopping for swim, and I'd suggest either ordering multiple sizes to try or getting in store. 

The other bit of feedback I have for the House of G - seeing as we know they're listening - is next season, can we chuck some nork support in the one pieces? If we had a little inbuilt shelf bra situation we'd be getting close to perfect. 

Anyway, as you were. Just wanted to clue you in on this development and say let's hope summer shows up sometime soon so we can try these puppies out!