Harry Styles fans are seriously divided over these eight 'leaked' songs that appeared on TikTok
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Harry Styles fans are seriously divided over these eight 'leaked' songs that appeared on TikTok

Some think it's legit Harry, others aren't convinced!

Harry Styles fans are having a field day online with loads of leaked songs being dropped on TikTok.

Eight unreleased demo songs appeared by the TikTok user @hs.unreleases with little to no warning, leaving fans to dissect every note and lyric in hopes of confirming that they’re legit.

Listen to all the Harry Style's 'leaked' tracks from TikTok here: 


‘Pick Me Up’



‘Part of Me’

‘I Just Wanna Love You’

‘Try Honey’

‘Pick Your Poison’ - One Direction

Some hard-core followers of Harry argue that these tracks are for real, shedding some more deets on a lesser-known chapter of his musical journey before he became a global ICON. 

Another X (formerly known as Twitter) user claims they bought a demo track, insisting it’s not an AI cover.

Another thanked whoever was responsible for releasing the tracks. 

Others are staying cautious, considering the possibility that these tracks might be expertly crafted AI-generated songs mimicking Harry's unique vocals. 

“How do we know that these songs are real, and they are not just random people saying that there are unreleased songs by Harry? I would like some confirmation before believing these are real,” wrote one fan.

Another mentioned that these were kept vaulted for a reason, what if Harry wanted to use them later?

As the debate rages on, fans are torn between their excitement for new music and their respect for Harry's artistic choices.

I mean, in all fairness, we have seen this before with two of Harry's leaked tunes.

‘Medicine’ and ‘Anna’ have since been picked up and performed at multiple of his ‘Love on Tour’ shows, including here in NZ!

But, until we get any official confirmation on these leaked demos, the Harry Styles stans will continue to be divided.