Harry Styles is crying that his world tour is over and same - so we ranked the 10 best moments
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What's Good

Harry Styles is crying that his world tour is over and same - so we ranked the 10 best moments

#HSLOT is no more, but it will live forever

After 22 months, 169 shows and releasing a Grammy award-winning album, Harry Styles wrapped up his ‘Love on Tour’ show. Literally crying during the final show in Reggio Emilia - same Harry, same.

This has left a huge hole in the content-consuming schedule of Harry Styles fans everywhere. So, I’ve done the hard yards, combing through Harry fan accounts that post more than the mailman, inquiring with die-hard stans close to me (every woman I know), and manipulating my TikTok algorithm to garner the greatest moments from Harry Styles ‘Love on Tour’ world tour. 

From childhood teachers to fans coming out to bananas and waiatas, fill that Harry-sized hole (not that one) with this definitive ranking. 

Ranking the best moments from Harry Styles' 'Love on Tour' World Tour

10. Harry shouts out his first-ever teacher (almost)

In June of 2022, Harry located his “first-ever school teacher” Mrs Vernon in the Manchester crowd and shared some lovely words I’m sure every teacher dreams of hearing. 

“I just want to thank you for everything in those formative years. It means a lot to me that you’re here tonight, you were truly a wonderful teacher."

There was just one (major) thing wrong with it though. 

9. Harry smashes a shoey in Aussie

Shoeys are as Australian as kangaroos, cricket, and ‘Crikey’. When Harry went full-breather mode and poured a bevvy in his shoe before skulling it, the Perth crowd adored it. 

He called the tradition “disgusting” before doing it, and said it will come up in his next therapy session after finishing it. But he did it anyway because he just wants his fans to have a good time. 

8. Harry calls a fan's ex-boyfriend

“It’s always a Josh,” Harry said to Ingrid, a fan whose ex-boyfriend had called her after SEVEN years apart. Preparing to give some advice to Ingrid, Harry instead obliged to the crowd’s ‘call him’ chants. 

This could’ve been a lot higher on the list if Josh replied to Harry’s greetings, but the silence destroyed all momentum. Having Harry call your ex for a wee chat is an undeniable power move though, Ingrid won the breakup. 

7. Harry sings the 'She's Dressed as a Banana' song in Auckland

In what will probably be my most controversial ranking I place the wildly over-rated ‘Banana’ song Harry whipped out during his Auckland show at number seven. When this happened I remember anyone who went to the show telling me it was so unreal, lit, and slay. 

I then watched the video with a blank stare. I appreciate the zaniness, the crowd-work, and the Harry lore of the song (hence it actually placing on the list) but this is nothing special at all. 

6. Harry gets thrown a shag-flag and turns into Ha-rizz

Harry had more than a couple of moments where he turned into Ha-rizz Styles, so they have to be on the list. Respect Harry, respect. 

5. Harry names a fan's baby

In an incredibly fun moment, Superfan Sian wrote a sign asking Harry to name her unborn baby. Harry eventually obliged and even paused the show so Sian could go pee. Your favourite artists stopping the show so you can pee is a DREAM for anyone who has ever been to a concert. Harry actualised that dream. 

4. Harry gives the fan a microphone for a proposal

There were at least a couple of proposals during the tour, but none beat the moment when a dude not only popped the question but also showed real singing chops. Harry encouraged it the whole way through, even ensuring it was a legit relationship before handing the mic over. 

3. Harry helps a fan come out

During one of Harry’s Wembley performances, an Italian fan named Mattia raised a sign that said, "From Ono to Wembley: Help me come out."

When Harry saw the sign, he agreed, declaring Mattia "officially gay, my boy," and unravelled a Pride flag on stage. 

2. Harry opens his NZ show with a classic Kiwi waiata

After just one song at his Mount Smart, Auckland show, Harry displayed his Te Reo knowledge. At first, he greeted fans with a ‘Kia Ora’ before leading the crowd in a rendition of ‘Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi’. Big points for learning and knowing a song unique to Aotearoa. 

1. Harry covers his ears as Kiwi fans SCREAM 'As It Was'

People go to concerts to sing along with their friends as their favourite artist performs a song that's changed their life. So when Kiwi fans belted out ‘As It Was’ - the biggest song of 2022 - so loud it could be heard 4km away, Harry's tour secured itself in the New Zealand live shows history books. 

'Love on Tour' sent Stylers crazy for almost two years. The dude could have legitimately taken over the world with the following he's garnered. Instead, he was just out here getting people engaged, embracing cultures, and giving the hes, shes, theys and gays the time of their lives at his gigs. Gotta commend it.