Forgotten Father's Day? Take dad for lamb shanks or Guinness pouring at one of these spots
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What's Good

Forgotten Father's Day? Take dad for lamb shanks or Guinness pouring at one of these spots

He'll never need to know how slack you are!

Okay, so you’ve forgotten how fast Father’s Day has crept up again and you’re left struggling for ideas to treat your dad on Sunday.

We’ve all been there, but forget the scorched almonds and socks combo - that’s too obvious - you can make your dad’s day with a good feast. After all, we know the way to their hearts is through their stomachs, right?

Plus Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are full of foodie hotspots, so why not get amongst them and finally earn that favourite child trophy without having to break a sweat?


Father’s Day is not the day to worry about getting a dad bod, so take him for a fat stack of ribs at Dr Rudi’s. And while you may have forgotten it seems like they’ll have you covered with two pints of beer and a gift for your dad along with your booking - say less!

SOURCE: Dr Rudi's

No need for dad to decide between parking up in front of the game or hanging with the family - if you take him to Morningside, dad won’t have to choose this Sunday! Get him a Father’s Day roast lunch with all the trimmings while live and loud sport plays across the big screens!


If he's into Irish vibes and has a little DIY in his DNA, then Jack Hackett's could be the place to be. On Father's Day, they're letting your dad master the art of pouring his own pint of Guinness, straight from the harp tap. They’ve also promised he'll take home a Guinness glass and a certificate to show off his new skills.

SOURCE: Jack Hackett's

You wouldn’t want to share your Dirty Little Secrets with your Dad, but maybe you’ll share a meal with him at Welly’s Dirty Little Secret. Apparently, every order placed at the bar earns a chance to win a $50 food and beverage voucher in the Who’s Your Daddy game! That could be a bitta fun, right?


Whether you wanna say “shanks for being my dad” or tell him he’s the “pie-fect dad” The Bog in Christchurch have loads going on this Father’s Day. With live music and a gift for dad when booking, it seems they’ve got everything covered and all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Now, go get your Father’s Day plans sorted, and have a stunning day celebrating the father figure in your life.

One more thing - if Father's Day is tough for you for whatever reason, be super kind to yourself, and maybe splurge on some yummy treats for you too!