A Kiwi jeweller dropped 11 one-of-a-kind KFC inspired necklaces to raise cash for a good cause
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What's Good

A famous Kiwi jeweller just dropped a range of 11 KFC necklaces and why do I want one so bad?

The cash is going to charity soooo arm = twisted!!

It's not every day that you see a fast-food giant teaming up with a local jeweller, but that’s exactly what KFC have gone and done in their latest merch collab for charity. 

KFC has joined forces with New Zealand jewellery wiz, Nick Von K, to cook up an 11-piece (see what they did there) bespoke jewellery collection. Yes, you read that right - necklaces inspired by fried chicken. 

It's a match made in foodie heaven!

Nick hand-crafted 11 beautiful looking necklaces from sterling silver and pearls, each one representing one of KFC's top-secret ingredients.

It's like wearing a piece of culinary history around your neck, but, you know, minus the crumbs. 

Apparently these necklaces are so unique that no two are the same - talk about fancyy!

“Each link is individually cast, and hand finished before being put together to form the chain. It’s time intensive but it’s so worth it for a distinctive look,” Nick said.

On his inspiration Nick explained: “There’s no bones in the [Hot & Spicy] chicken so I took that as inspiration and created an 11-piece collection – one for each of the secret herbs and spices.”

“These are elevated one-off pieces that would suit anyone and their style - from streetwear to couture. I can see them on an indie kid or the coolest grandma.”

So, ‘how much for one of these pearlers?’ I hear you ask! 

Well, let’s just say they’re worth their weight in chicken gold and will leave a $1299 sized hole in your wallet. If you can't fork out the cash (SAME), dw, you can also win one of these bad bois via KFC NZ's TikTok account.

But before you start throwing your wings out of the bucket, the money is promised to a good cause. 

As per, KFC are supporting Surf Life Saving New Zealand to keep us Kiwis safe this summer. 

You might remember the limited-edition merch they released last summer for the same cause. We're talking hawaiian shirts, tote bags and a one-of-a-kind surfboard!

Well, it turns out KFC ended up raising $47k, and are wanting to make an even bigger donation this year!

KFC's Clark Wilson summed it up perfectly: "We're thrilled to partner with Nick to bring this launch to life." Chicken, jewelry, and charity - now that's a combo worth celebrating!”