This Kiwi skincare inventor pitched to Shark Tank AU on 2 hours sleep and it's a rollercoaster
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This Kiwi skincare inventor pitched to Shark Tank AU on 2 hours sleep and it's a rollercoaster

“It’s gonna be a global phenomenon.”

It’s not often we see an NZ-owned business get up close and personal with the Sharks of 'Shark Tank' but that’s exactly what one Kiwi has done with their revolutionary skincare brand Boring Without You.

The face mask biz owned by cosmetic science student Davey Rooney is the first of its kind, making products specifically for people battling to find a solution for combination skin.

He dubs the brand "beauty without the bullsh*t!”

Their product has been wildly successful, selling out a whopping five times since its launch in July 2022. Now, it seems Davey has decided he’d like a little help from the oh-so-famous Sharks (and their cold hard cash).

Appearing on the first episode of ‘Shark Tank’ season five, Davey admits it didn’t exactly “go to plan”.

In an Insta confession before the show aired, Davey said he only got two hours of sleep the night before the big day. Poor mate was convinced his bed had bed bugs and he was nervous about pitching a skincare product with red bites all over his face. Faiiiiir?

Thankfully, he was bed bug-free, but running on very little sleep, which made for - in his own words - an "interesting" pitch.

Turns out the Sharks actually thought it was an "amazing" pitch, and Davey walked away with a $50,000 deal with Davie Fogarty, owner of the Oodie we all know and snuggle in.

Oodie man wasn't the only fan of the product though, with Davey getting a total shark attack of praise.

CEO of ShowPo, Jane Lu, told Davey: “It’s fantastic that you’ve been able to organically grow this product.”

“I think you’ve done a really good job articulating the brand and the problem that it solves in the market,” fellow Shark Sabri Suby said.

Oodie founder Davie Fogarty echoed: “It’s gonna be a global phenomenon.”

Of course, Davey had to share the news with his friends and family. Uploading his sister’s reaction to Instagram she was beyond “proud”.

Well, we're pretty proud over here in Aotearoa! Oh, and seeing as we got the word out about this puppy back in August last year, surely we're due a small bit of that cash money, eh, Davey? Jokes... unless?! ;)