For Face Sake: The combination skin mask made by two Kiwi guys that sold out in 20 days
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For Face Sake: The combination skin mask made by two Kiwi guys that sold out in 20 days

Two formulas, one jar and a quarter of the proceeds go to mental health charities.

Two of NZ's own are paving a revolutionary road in the skincare game with their brand Boring Without You, the first of its kind, which makes products specifically for people with combination skin. 

Cosmetic science student David Rooney and his business partner Jordan Meachen created the sell-out 'For Face Sake' product, which aims to be the holy grail for those of us who battle with both oily and dry areas (can I get an 'amen' from all my combination skin bebs out there?). 

It's two different face masks in one jar - one blemish-destroying, oil-absorbing whipped butter for your T-Zone and one deliciously soothing, hydrating jelly for your U-Zone (cheeks and chin). 

As many of us know, spending your hard-earned cash on beauty products can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. 

With so many products on the market, there's a lot of pressure to diagnose your own skincare concerns, study up on all the active ingredients, try and find a brand with an ethos you don't hate and then just cross your fingers and hope it doesn't break you out. 

Come to think of it, dealing with acne or pigmentation is an emotional rollercoaster too - actually, it's more like that scary dark part of the Log Flume at Rainbow's End - and that's something Boring Without You gets. 

They say people with chronic skin conditions are three times more likely to suffer from poor mental health, so they donate a quarter of their profits to a bunch of mental health charities. 

In fact, David and Jordan's decision to get Boring Without You started was born out of supporting each other during the pandemic by going on socially distanced walks through the park together. 

"What started as a way to support each other and improve our mental health during lockdown ended with a desire to change the mental health of Aussies and Kiwis," David told us. 

"I study cosmetic science and have always had a passion for skincare. We've both had our fair share of mental health battles too. When we came up with the idea for Boring Without You, I was going through four horrible months of bullying in the workplace," he added. 

"It was the worst my mental health has ever been and the lowest point of my life. We also understood the link between skin health and mental health. From day one, we wanted mental well-being to be a massive part of this brand." 

Boring Without You wants to change the conversation around acne and do away with unrealistic beauty standards. They're trying to do this by using models with bumps, spots and marks, which we still hardly ever see in the beauty industry, despite how far we've come. 

I was gifted a jar to have a hoon on, and this stuff feels really good on the skin. Applying the masks with the provided brush is a relaxing evening ritual, (especially when my skin is looking angry, which makes me angry) while the packaging and messaging are super fun. 

I bloody love a face mask, but some of them sting and others dry out parts of my face. Being able to customise the application to use the butter on my oiliest areas and soothe and hydrate others where needed is a great shout. 

Just 20 days out from the launch, For Face Sake had totally sold out, with many people already back for a second order. They're now restocked and ready to go again. 

If you have combo skin and have struggled to nail down the perfect routine, this one could be a go. Getting to choose a charity to support at the checkout (without having to pay any extra) makes treating yourself and looking after your skin feel even better.