Venus Retrograde Is In Full Swing - Here's The Dates You Can Expect To Hear From Your Ex
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Venus Retrograde is in full swing - Here's the dates you can expect to hear from your ex

The astrology girlies are sweating after finding out Venus Retrograde is in Leo...

Before I explain what’s happening in the stars, your friends have asked me to remind you that they're your ex for a reason!

Venus is officially in Retrograde in the sign of Leo and I’m expecting some WILD things to happen. From exes sliding into the DM's to potential makeover disasters this Venus retrograde is going to be a busy season! For those with an Aquarius, Aries or Leo rising, it's important to be aware that you'll be more likely to interact with an ex during this season.

What Venus Retrograde 2023 means this leo season.

Before I give you the fyi on what I’ll be avoiding this retrograde, let’s give a basic rundown on what this astrological event actually means.

We’re currently in Leo season, but I’m sure all the Leos you know have reminded you it’s their birthday soon! Leo is a star sign that represents creativity, self-expression and confidence. Venus is a planet that represents beauty, love and values. Venus has been in retrograde since the 22nd of July and it will stay in retrograde until September 3rd. When a planet is in retrograde it appears to be going backwards when we’re looking at it from Earth. Long story short, the planet of love is going to be influencing us a little differently compared to normal!

People are pretty terrified of retrogrades thanks to Mercury Retrograde but don’t be alarmed. Venus Retrograde in Leo is a great opportunity to reassess what we really want in our connections and how we want to express ourselves.

Dates you should be aware of:

July 27th - This is one of the most likely dates you’ll be in a conversation with your ex.

August 8-10th - These are incredible days to experiment with new creative avenues. If you're interested in pursuing a social media career, give it a go! 

August 14th - High likelihood of getting back into an old relationship. Be warned, this could create lots of unpredictability. Astrologers don’t recommend getting into relationships at this time!

August 21-22nd - This is a great time to reassess your finances. If you’ve got a creative pursuit you think you can monetize, look into it.

August 23rd - Mercury is in retrograde and many people will think about reaching out to their exes.

What you should avoid:

Starting a new relationship

Making promises you can't keep

Thinking too much about the past

Dramatically changing your appearance

What you should focus on:

Buying new purchases

Reevaluating what's important to you in relationships.

Clearing out any old clothes, or items that you no longer need

Exploring creative pursuits and thinking about how it could be monitized

DISCLAIMER:  Astrology is a ton of fun but it's important to remember that at the end of the day, live your own life! You know better than anyone what's best for you so remember to take everything with a grain of salt. Have fun this Venus Retrograde and go slay the day!