This viral sushi roll soy sauce hack is so simple I'm legit fuming I didn't think of it first
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This viral sushi roll soy sauce hack is so simple I'm legit fuming I didn't think of it first

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One man’s sushi hack involving soy sauce is so friggin easy that I'm high-key mad I didn't come up with it. 

AdrianWidjy is a food influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. He shared the quick and easy sushi roll hack to his socials, where it has since gone viral. 

All you have to do is take the little fish-shaped soy sauce containers, take the lid off, and stab through the seaweed into the body of the sushi roll. You then squeeze the bottle, sending all that soy sauce to soak in the rice from the inside. 

“Finally trying this sushi roll hack and was shook to my very core,” he wrote alongside the video. 

In the caption, he encourages everyone to give it a go and regrets not trying it earlier. 

“Have been meaning to do this sushi roll hack for so long,” it reads. “Why have I just decided to do this amazing hack now? Everyone, soy sauce your sushi like this now!”

He points out that he injects the sauce in three different spots - probably for an even spread - and only used half the bottle, but you can “feel free to use as much as you want”. 

People in the comments point out that some prefer dipping their sushi in soy sauce, which is fine, and that the sauce container may have come in contact with other people. However, there is a lid on the little fishy so the part that actually makes contact with the food should be fine!

This sushi trick is nowhere near as controversial as a chicken nugget hack that went viral last year. 

When it comes to ordering your feed of chicken nuggies, many of you will opt for a good sweet and sour sauce or dare I say a lashing of BBQ, but for one TikToker, they have taken it one step further opting to pair his golden nuggets with a slice of pickle.

TikToker @bespokendrip posted to the app, sharing what he believes to be the next best snack combo.

I know mum said don't play with your food but try to stop me mummy!