People are torn over this chicken nugget hack
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What's Good

'Destroying a perfect nug' or 'the ultimate combo'? The internet is torn over this nugget hack

"My therapist will be hearing about this!"

People are losing their minds - both good and bad - over this creative chicken nugget hack and if you’re a lover of the tangy sensation a pickle adds to your tastebuds, this one is for you!

When it comes to ordering your feed of chicken nuggies, many of you will opt for a good sweet and sour sauce or dare I say a lashing of BBQ, but for one TikToker, they have taken it one step further opting to pair his golden nuggets with a slice of pickle.

TikToker @bespokendrip posted to the app, sharing what he believes to be the next best snack combo.

With now over 5 million views, they captioned the clip: “Honestly thank me later, you saw it here first folks!”

Okay so here’s how to hack the magical snack; first, you’ll need a good feed of nuggies - say less!

Next, you’ll want to nibble the side of the nugget just enough to create an opening between the chicken and the top layer of the golden coating.

Then of course you guessed it, we want to slide in a slice of pickle creating the mad combo, and if you’re living a little edgy, you might go for a double, slipping in a slice top and bottom…

There were some mixed opinions on the snack with some loving the creation and others… not so much.

“This is a work of art,” one commenter wrote loving the hack, with another suggesting, “that, but with jalapeños!”

That seems like a dangerous jump, and we are scared.

“This is the ultimate snack combo,” wrote another pickle lover.

However, we did spot a few commenters who had concerns.

One sceptic joked: “My therapist will be hearing about this.”

“Why would I destroy a perfect nugget,” cried another.

I have to say it does look pretty tasty, we might have to give it a go here at Edge HQ, what do you think?