Still think you DGAF about soccer? Watch the viral FIFA Women's World Cup ad making people sob
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Still think you DGAF about soccer? Watch the viral FIFA Women's World Cup ad making people sob

Keep on riding that wave the Kiwi Women’s FIFA World Cup win started.

If you're still buzzing from NZ's historic FIFA Women's World Cup win (or somehow not buzzing at all), check out this French football ad literally bringing people to teats and dropping jaws. 

Attracting millions of views across the internet, the video shows what looks like highlights from the French national men’s team. With long-range goals, quick and nifty footwork, and beautiful team play, it really is inspirational stuff. 

However, one of the great modern plot twists reveals that the spectacular moments were produced by the French national women’s team. 

It’s a visual effects feat achieved by French creative agency Marcel, done for the team’s sponsor Orange. Weeks of in-depth research were required to accomplish it, as Marcel had had to scour through the French Football Federation’s archives to find the women’s skilful moves AND similar moves the men made. 

Commenters on one TikTok of the video with almost ten million views and over a million likes absolutely adore the video, with some even being moved to tears. 

“My jaw dropped and stayed dropped,” wrote one person. 

“As a former female athlete, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” said another. “Just crying right now.”

“I love the idea that there were def men who got hyped but then caught themselves at the end and now have to reconcile that,” a third added. 

Obviously, another incredibly emotional and awesome moment occurred last night when our women’s team made history when they beat Norway by one goal. It was New Zealand’s first-ever FIFA World Cup win, for both men and women. 

Over 42,000 attended the game at Eden Park, a record crowd for a football match in Aotearoa. Hannah Wilkinson scored the only goal of the game - probably the biggest goal in New Zealand football history.

“Everyone was just yelling and screaming, you could feel the energy of the crowd, it was just an amazing feeling,” Wilkinson told Stuff after the game. 

If you wanna keep on riding the sporting wave, there’s literally a WORLD CUP going on in our country rn so head to a game and enjoy it!