Edge listeners share the weirdest things they've ever had stolen from them
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What's Good

Edge listeners share the weirdest things they've ever had stolen from them

Nothing worse than finding out someones stolen your lamb chops...

The only thing worse than getting robbed is finding out that the person that stole from you is a bit of a weirdo... 

Clint, Meg and Dan from Edge Breakfast asked kiwis to share the weirdest things they’ve had stolen from them and boy are we creeped out! Here are the wildest ones…

"I had my credit card information stolen. They tried to apply for a loan in my name at $999k. Thankfully my credit history is no good & they got declined!"

"I once got some chops out of the freezer, put them on a bench to defrost and couldn't find them. It wasn't until I pressed redial on landlines phone to call the electrical back that I realised it rang another number. Turns out an old tenant had a key and was coming back to steal chops and use the phone for toll calls!"

"I had $168 taken out for the last 6 months that I never knew of. The money was for a magazine subscription in China! Card got cancelled and only noticed last month. Thank god I got my money back."

"Someone tried to order $1500 worth of airline tickets off my card, lucky I’m poor and it bounced."

"Thieves came and filled their own suitcases with our clothes, medicines, linen... everything. I'm not sure why but they decided they didnt want the stuff anymore and gapped it. Idiots had name tags and phone numbers on their suitcases… easy catch."

"Asked my ex-boyfriend to collect his things from my house the day after we broke up so it wouldn't get awkward. A couple days later I pulled out my SP2 and it was out of battery. I couldn't find the charger anywhere and realised that my ex left all the [adult] toys behind but was petty enough to steal all of the chargers!"

"People broke into my mum's house while we were away on holiday. They stole some prescription drugs which were sitting right next to my iPad. They also went through our old photo albums. Worst of all, they left the fridge open so when we got back the house stunk of old warm oysters…"

"I had a plasterer steal my laptop but he left all of his scaffolding behind for 6 months and then snuck back to get the scaffolding while we were at work."

"Someone stole my card details and brought 4 $100 Noel leemings vouchers :("

"I had someone rob my house, and steal frozen meat and veggies. The thief then took a dump in the toilet and never flushed it. It was massive and stunk!"

Unfortunately Meg knows too well what it’s like to be robbed and shared with the team that her thieves were ordering Hells Pizza. If you’re keen to hear about it be sure to listen to their podcast down below!