You and your mates can hire a private speakeasy cocktail suite for free in Auckland this month
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What's Good

You and your mates can hire a private speakeasy cocktail suite for free in Auckland this month

And if you're not in AKL, we've got your winter cocky-T recipes to make at home right here.

As we all know, chilly winter nights call for cosy set-ups and a few warming bevvies. 

Now, you and five mates can suss both those things in a lush private suite that feels like it should come with a pricey hire fee, but is totally free to book. 

The 'Sustainable Suite' at Auckland restaurant Origine is a pop-up you can reserve for an hour, where you can get stuck into a curated selection of 'gold rush' cocktails using Maker's Mark bourbon and Taylor Pass honey. 

Sidebar, if you think you don't like whisky, wait till you try this combo, then think again. All the cocky-t's at the speakeasy suite can be tailored to your personal preference by Origine's mixologist, Egor Petrov. 

Now, let's be clear - the drinks themselves don't come for free. But if you're looking for a great date spot, a pre-dinner drink with mates or a nightcap location that is sure to impress, you're gonna want to visit here. 

Did we mention it's a great backdrop for a few Insta photos? Just look at how sophisticated me and my mate Vic look sipping our drinks. Straight to the Bumble profile with this one. 

The other cool thing about this scenario is that both the brands involved - Maker's Mark and Taylor Pass - are both B Corp certified, which mean they meet high standards of social and environmental performance. Hence the name 'Sustainable Suite'. 

Basically, the whole experience is designed to have sustainability at the forefront, meaning the drinks are kind to the environment as well as your palate. 

The suite is available to book through until July 12th, but if you're not in Auckland, never fear. We've got a couple of delish cocktail recipes for you to make at home right here: 



  • 60ml Maker’s Mark bourbon
  • 30ml honey syrup*
  • 30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

*For the honey syrup

  • 60ml Taylor Pass Honey
  • 30ml hot water

Combine honey and hot water in a mixing glass to make the honey syrup
Add Maker’s Mark, freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey syrup to an ice-filled shaker
Give it a good shake for 30 seconds
Strain into a glass over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge 



  • 45ml Maker’s Mark bourbon
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2-3 whole strawberries, halved and hulled
  • 1 dash of aromatic bitters
  • Ginger beer
  • Fresh strawberry for garnish


Muddle strawberry halves in a shaker
Add Maker’s Mark, lemon & bitters and shake well for 30 seconds
Strain into an ice filled glass
Top with ginger beer
Garnish with a strawberry