Air New Zealand add loads of new flights to get Swifties to Australia for the Eras tour
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Air New Zealand add loads of new flights to get Swifties to Australia for the Eras tour

for when you defs get that ticket

Air New Zealand is adding loads of new flights to ensure you Swifties can get to Australia once you suss that ticket (I believe in you). 

Over 2,000 new seats have been added to Air NZ’s schedule around the Taylor Swift Aussie tour dates. Taking off from Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland and arriving in Melbourne and Sydney, the tickets go on sale at 2 PM today. 

Don't forget we also have a chance for you and three mates to see Taylor perform in Melbourne, so we're doing whatever we can to cover all the bases!

Air NZ has even planted a cute little easter egg for Swifties, calling a few of the flights ‘NZ1981’. Now they just need to blast Taylor Swift’s greatest hits during the flight and it will be everything any Taylor fans have ever dreamed of… apart from an NZ show. 

Leanne Geraghty, the airline’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer, knows that Kiwi Swiftes will be getting b-u-s-y to ensure they see their girl live in the flesh. 

“When tour dates for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour were released last week, we saw a surge in demand for the final day of our Tasman sale with more than 3,500 Kiwis booking flights to coincide with concert dates,” she said. 

“Now, as general release goes live, we’re expecting another surge in demand for travel. Fans hoping to secure their flights will have to act fast, we expect the additional capacity will sell out swiftly.”

So, if the five tabs, two phones and one old iPad do get you one of the prized tickets (I still believe in you), you’ll then need to work to get that flight.

It’s not going to be easy team, but keep that end goal in mind as your ticket page tab refreshes every ten seconds, slowly driving you mad as the loading icon gets ingrained into your eyeballs, mind, and even soul. 

If you don’t get that ticket, I think it’s perfectly fine to take some time off for yourself.