WATCH: Jason Momoa gets fully nude in NZ home workout vid and suddenly I wanna go to the gym
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WATCH: Jason Momoa gets fully nude in NZ home workout vid and suddenly I wanna go to the gym

keep this video away from my mother

Jason Momoa himself stripped off all his clothes for an NSFW workout video in his Aotearoa gym. He knows what he's doing. 

Aquaman showed off his home gym, as well as what’s in his fridge, for a video with Men’s Health. He was butt naked for the sizeable portions of the video, apart from occasionally wearing a pink robe or a garment around his kettle-balls. 

“I didn’t know you were coming,” he tells the camera as he opens the door wearing nothing but the robe. “I would’ve dressed up if I knew.”

He shares his go-to workouts, his love for riding bikes (bare-back, apparently), and displays his fridge which is jam-packed with water, pre-workout, beer, poi (a food paste made from taro root) and kava. 

Momoa is currently in Aotearoa filming ‘Chief of War’, a TV show he wrote and is starring in. While he’s here he looks like he’s been having a slay time. 

Back in March, he was kicking it with some legendary All Blacks, offering them his new vodka (Meili) as they were having a giggle. The one and only Piri Weepu was there, though he turned down the drink (no peer pressure for Piri), as well as big hitter Rene Ranger, Liam Messam, Troy Flavell, Kees Meeuws, and more. 

Just a couple weeks after chilling with the rugby legends, he took the stage at ‘Maranga Rise Up Aotearoa’ in Auckland, a music festival which raised loads of money for people affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. 

While on stage, he stripped down again, just his top half this time though. 

“Aloha, hello everyone,” Momoa said before removing any clothing. “I’m so glad to be here."

“I want to send my love to all the families rebuilding,” he added before encouraging people to donate. 

I’m sure if most blokes had a rig like Momoa they’d be whipping it out every chance they got, me included.