WATCH: Aussie news reporter trips over on live TV and the way I would simply cease to exist
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WATCH: Aussie news reporter trips over on live TV and the way I would simply cease to exist

don't think she realised how close she was to being swept away

An Australian news reporter slipped and fell on live television. She handled it amazingly though, if that was me... I would move to a different country never to be seen again. 

Tyra Stowers, a reporter for 9News, was covering the wild wet weather on the Gold Coast earlier this week. Live on camera in front of some fast-moving floodwater, in the middle of warning people of the flooding, Trya falls to the ground.  

She squeals as she goes down, barely avoiding being swept away in the torrent. She simply laughs it off though as she stays on the ground, probably regretting her choice of footwear. 

That “nooo” she lets out at the end makes it seem like she had a goal to never be a part of such a news blooper. Ah well, she brushed it off like a champ and it's a story she can tell the grandkids one day. 

Trya reposted the clip to her own Twitter with the caption: “How’s your morning going - just a day in the life of a clumsy gal…”

People commenting on her post are commending her for how she handled the blooper moment. 

“Oustanding balance,” one wrote. “Still held on to the mic, now that’s impressive.”

“Held on the mic and umbrella - brilliant,” another said. “There are AFL players that flop when touched and throw their arms out at the first sign of a fall. They could learn a few things from Tyra.”

“Handled it like a trooper,” a third added. “Well done, glad you’re okay.”

New Zealand’s own Matty McLean had his own news blooper last week. He also handed it like a professional. 

Moments after realising he dropped an f-bomb on live TV he moves straight into news reporter mode, effortlessly introducing the next story (you can definitely see the fear in his eyes though). 

Harmless news bloopers and now my lowkey guilty pleasure.