Tim Tam Mother's Day
What's Good
What's Good

Tim Tam have released a special Mother's Day perfume, candle and more, so that's us sussed

We're talking candles, diffusers, body lotion and a freaking perfume!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t sorted your gift yet, how about a delicious treat and even more delicious-smelling goodies to go alongside it?

Tim Tam loves a merch moment, just like the rest of us and has made all of our Mother’s Day gifting a little easier this year.

If you’re giving a gift or on the receiving end this year, Tim Tam has released their sweet, chocolatey signature eu de parfum - sounds like heaven, right?

I know it may seem like a weird and silly gift to be giving, but let's be real, we will defs be having a spritz as soon as mum opens this, right?

For $70 NZD, I’d say it’s a pretty sweet way to treat the mumma in your life.

Or, if you’re feeling extra giving, Tim Tam also has their luxury bundle full of enough scented goodies to have the whole house smelling like a chocolate factory.

We’re talking about a candle, perfume, diffuser and body lotion all with the matching aroma.

This pack will set you back $170 NZD, but can you really put a price on love?

I think that’s my Mother’s Day gifting sorted!

If this sounds like a bit of your mum, you better get in quick! The offer is only available on their website while stocks last right up until the 14th of May.