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Mon interviews Jason Momoa at Fast X premiere
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I interviewed Jason Momoa at the Fast X premiere and omfg why did I touch his hand like that?

**screams internally**

The minute I started researching for my 2-minute red carpet chat with Jason Momoa I knew I was in trouble. 

He'd been in my top five celebrity crushes since the Khal Drogo days, and watching YouTube videos of his disarming red carpet appearances all over the world was making my stomach do backflips. 

Then I headed along to the media preview screening of Fast X, the latest and supposedly final flick of the Fast and Furious franchise ahead of the premiere. 

Jason's scrunchie-wearing, manicure-rocking villain character Dante was deeply problematic yet incredibly sexy and very funny (prob need to unpack some of this with my therapist) and all of this did absolutely nothing to help my nerves.

Before I knew it, I was eye-to-eye (I mean not really, the man is a giant) with Mr Momoa and trying desperately to maintain my composure and remember what I had planned to ask him. 

Jason Momoa at the Fast X premiere in NZ I mean....

In the movie, Dante matches his manicure to his outfit in every scene, and Jason had done the same for the premiere - rocking green nails on one finger for his daughter and pink on the other for his son. I don't wanna say swoon, but swoon. 

It was only after the interview that my videographer pointed out that I used the moment when Jason showed off his nails to lightly touch his hand like the total professional I am. 

The Hollywood heavyweight may have been a touch hungover after a big night out with Taika Waititi, Lance Savali, Israel Adasanya and a bunch of other legendary Kiwis, but it didn't stop him bringing the uncle vibes when he had a cuddle with Taika's kids as they arrived on the red carpet. 

Jason Momoa at the Fast X premiere in NZ

The final straw came when I asked Jason about the little "chahoo" I heard him let out in one of the chase scenes from the movie. He said it was a special signal for his Polynesian family before throwing his head back and unleashing a couple of Momoa-sized chahoos right in front of me, sending both me and the crowd wild with excitement, as evidenced by my reaction at the end of our chat after he was out of earshot. 

Check out the full video to drink in the atmosphere of the premiere, be stunned by Jason's glorious presence and watch my ridiculous facials as I try to simply do my job. Enjoy! 

Fast X hits Kiwi cinemas everywhere this Thursday, the 18th of May.