‘Forever iconic’: Lana Del Rey loses vape on stage, asks audience to ‘find it’
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‘Forever iconic’: Lana Del Rey loses vape on stage, asks audience to ‘find it’

"I am her and she is me"

Lana Del Rey continues being one of the most iconic icons to ever icon after she stopped her concert to try and find her vape. 

Del Rey was 43 minutes into her performance at Brazil’s MITA Festival when she realised her little sucky stick had gone AWOL (just ten minutes earlier she had slotted it in her mic stand).

“If you see my vape on stage can you please find my vape?” she said, making the crowd erupt.  One fan right up front must have indicated they had found it as Lana goes running up to the crowd only to be disappointed that her vape is “all the way in the pit.”

Lana fans online loved it and are saying that the ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer is no different than they are. 

“I am her and she is me,” wrote one person. 

“The lizzy grant accent, the little dance oh she is having the time of her life i am so here for it,” said another. 

“Forever iconic,” a third added. 

“*waits for esty listing of $20,000 vape*,” one more wrote. 

Lana is an unashamed hooner. In one track from her most recent album ‘Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’, she says that vaping helps her de-stress. 

“Pass me my vape,” Lana sings in the first verse of ‘Taco Truck’. “I’m, feeling sick, I need to take a puff.”

Her vape can be heard crackling throughout her album ‘Chemtrails over the Country Club’. Specifically, at the 1 minute 31 seconds mark of the opening song, ‘White Dress’, a distinct crackle can be heard. 

Producer of the album Jack Antonoff confirmed to Rolling Stone that the sound is Lana having a hoon. 

“People like to be like, 'Oh, that was a live jam.' That shit really was. She had her mic; I was on the piano," he said.

"We were f*cking around and you can feel it. You hear her vape sucking in and out. She was improv-ing a lot of it."

Vape as art, who would've thunk it?